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KONRAD695 SparkPoints: (140,803)
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11/3/12 3:14 P

Around 350 from complex carbs. Another 50-100 from fruit.

FISHGUT3 Posts: 17,755
11/3/12 2:35 P


MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/3/12 2:34 P

I always have very large breakfasts. Sometimes they're up to 1k calories. However, I also work out very vigorously, so by midday, more than all of those calories are burned. When I eat lower amounts, I still sometimes eat up to 800 in breakfast. Breakfast is so much more important than people realize. I've maintained my weight very well after losing 140, so this definitely works for me.

LASKIE2 SparkPoints: (69,509)
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11/3/12 11:38 A


HOCKEYCHICK0207 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/3/12 9:42 A

I use up 300-400 calories and try to start out checking off important items for the day like water, dairy, produce and protein. An old WW habit. I like to skip and hold the calories for that big meal later but I get hungry and then am susceptible to fast food if I am too hungry. Also, I am trying to learn moderation so having that one big meal is not my goal anymore.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (359,347)
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10/29/12 10:43 A


KATLEYLAND SparkPoints: (5,188)
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10/29/12 9:40 A

thankyou everyone I will definitely be making the effort to eat breakfast now! might even try to fit in a run beforehand so I start the day wide awake.

JO_TO_JOWOW SparkPoints: (4,881)
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4/17/12 8:39 A

I don't know how I would even survive to 9AM without breakfast!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (523,976)
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4/16/12 7:41 P

Thanks Judi GREAT article!!

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
4/16/12 7:35 P

Here is a great article that lists the reasons "WHY" breakfast is so important:

It really does help to start your day with some good fuel.

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/16/12 2:47 P

cheerios and skim milk

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (523,976)
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3/19/12 10:02 A

have SOMETHING for breakfast. even people who really cant abide food first thing can have a piece of fruit or a whole grain english muffin or SOMETHING. split it up...have something small first thing, then have a bit more in an hour or so.
it really does help..i too was a non breakfast eater for a while now i dont go without it!

MACBARBIE21 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/19/12 4:56 A

I would definitely recommend having breakfast. If you skip it you are likely to set yourself up for a big binge later in the day. I used to skip breakfast too but now I make sure I have around 250 - 350 calories every morning. It gives me the energy I need to do morning exercise as well and my overall calorie intake has been consistently less than when I was skipping it. After a while on your diet you will probably find yourself getting hungry earlier anyway. I have a small breakfast and lunch so I have the calories for a larger dinner. That is what works for me.. Hope that helps emoticon

MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,191
3/18/12 7:00 P

Do eat breakfast! In terms of tracking your food intake, avail yourself of the nutrition tracker, all you do is list what you eat and how much! The tracker tells you how many calories you have eaten. As example, I know that today's breakfast was 352 calories; you've already set out your daily caloric goal; enter the food and there you have it! emoticon Nothing could be simpler! emoticon Welcome aboard emoticon Enjoy the journey towards being all that you can be. emoticon

KATLEYLAND SparkPoints: (5,188)
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3/18/12 5:27 P

I have a bit of a dilemma, I have just started actually trying to lose weight rather than just moaning about it.
I don't usually eat breakfast although I know its not healthy to skip it I usually just have a cup of tea. So here's the thing...Should I start having breakfast, just some cereal or something, or should I keep skipping it so I can use my daily calories up having a bigger lunch and dinner?
I like calorie counting but what has more import, tracking daily calorie intake or what makes up these calories.
I don't know if the way I've written this makes a lot of sense but if it makes sense to you I would appreciate your help/advice/opinion.

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