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11/26/02 9:26 P

The book is called " The NutriBase Nutrition Facts Desk Reference" Okay, it only has 40,000 food products, including brand-name and generic foods, specialty foods, fast foods, and chain-restaurant foods. There is detailed information on:
Calories, % of calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and 13 vitamins and minerals.
It's "The single most comprehensive up-to-date source of nutritional data for food products"
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I got it at WaldenBooks. I'm sure it would be anywhere.
22 pounds is GREAT!!!!! Keep up the awsome work!

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11/26/02 11:09 A

Could you give me the name of the book you bought. I'm always looking for references that will motivate me. I also noticed how my appetite would decrease as I read more labels and add up the calories of what I would normally eat. I have since lost 22 lbs by counting calories and doing moderate exercise. Good luck to you I know that you can reach your goals!!

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11/26/02 10:43 A

There is a lot of overeating going around since we tend to emotionally believe that restaurants feed us what we need. We've learned that a giant burger, a giant pile of fries, two onion rings stolen from our companion's meal, a half cup or so of Ketchup, a chocolate shake, a large sugar soda plus free refills, and a fried apple pie is a meal. I've read that some of the "meals" at fast food restaurants range from 1700 to 3000 calories. It's no wonder that there is an obesity epidemic.

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11/25/02 10:24 P

Okay, so I've decided to delve into this once again. I was trying to remember how I lost 50 lbs years ago. I didn't do anything except watch what I ate and exercised. Nothing fancy, nothing special to buy. Well, I got this nutritional food reference book. It has over 80,000 (or something like that) different foods and their calorie, fat, sodium, vitamin, mineral etc. I was looking through it at things I ususally eat without thinking. Talk about inspiration to not eat those things! My son likes to go to pizza hut. Okay, how much could one slice of stuffed crust pepperoni pizza have...I mean they aren't bit! HA! 480 calories and 21 grams of fat later! And you know you are eating like 2 or 3 pieces...that doesn't include the bread sticks! So I have started to read excerpts from this every night to remind myself what exactly is going into my mouth. Gee, no wonder I wasn't loosing weight!
Today was the first day I started recording everything I ate. I've decided to hang around 1500 calores. When you take out all the snacking it's amazing how many calories you have left at the end of the day!!

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