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10/7/12 2:37 P

I actually had some taken when my middle daughter was seven months old, and I LOVED them. The (female) photographer started off by asking me questions while taking simple poses, then once I was COMPLETELY comfortable, she started taking the more risque (but tastefully done) photos. I got to see the pictures on her computer once they were done, and chose the photos I wanted. Surprisingly, of the ones I selected, 99 percent of them were the risque ones! It was surprising because I am a very private person that doesn't go around flashing my bits to God and everybody. Yes, the pictures were expensive, but I LOVED the experience and the outcome. And yes, I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

As for what the man thinks, you could show up to bed wearing a feed sack, and he would still love you. But it would be a nice surprise, and who knows what it would lead to? ;)

MWOLFE25 Posts: 47
9/30/12 6:13 P

I don't think that anyone taking picture for the man she loves is thinking "what if we get divorced?" I was thinking "what if our future children see this?" If anyone one is thinking "what if we get divorced?" they probably need to rethink the marriage.

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9/30/12 3:46 P

I think I will pass.

What if the relationship ends in a divorce and your wonderful man decides to share them with everyone? It does happen unfortunately. And I know someone that it happened to. Her ex husband decided to share the pictures with everyone.

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9/30/12 11:11 A are so right. :D when you see those pictures, you are going to be in absolute shock and awe. :D I kept saying "is that ME? are you sure?" Phenomenal experience. :D

Dont worry about the "extra" weight. 5 minutes after meeting your photographer you'll feel like an absolute diva. :)

Good luck!

DO2B2016 Posts: 8
9/30/12 10:25 A

I have a boudoir session set up for February. Jenny Taylor Photography in Chicago- she is highly recommended and is very well known in the midwest! I am nervous as I have actually put on weight since starting medical school about 8 weeks ago, so I'm not feeling my sexiest. But, I'm hoping sparkpeople can help with that:)

I too am very nervous about being half naked in front of a stranger, but, I figure she has seen hundreds of bodies of all different shapes and sizes, I'm no different than all the others.

If you are at all thinking that having boudoir photos may be something you would enjoy giving to your groom, do it!!!! You'll look back at the pictures 20 years from now and think, "damn was I hot"!

9/27/12 5:41 P

This is an idea I've kicked around as well! I had never thought of taking them myself, but between paying for a wedding and for graduate school, I'm pretty broke. Did those of you who took them yourselves get the photo book made online?

YNKECHICK06 Posts: 128
9/21/12 7:42 P

I actually JUST had a boudoir session a couple weeks ago with Shelly Rose, (Maine) to give to my fiance as the wedding present. It was PHENOMENAL!!! I made the appointment 6 months ago, and for 6 months...I spent every day saying I was going to cancel. Even the day of...I was ready to cancel. Who wants to be half naked in front of a woman you've never met having her take pictures of you? :p

Anyway...five minutes after I was there and changed, I felt totally comfortable. Shelly did my makeup, (which I HIGHLY recommend) and she made me feel totally comfortable. She knew exactly how to pose me and what positions would work for my body. It was impossible to be self conscious...she was constantly telling me I was "rocking" it, and looking awesome.

It was amazing. I highly recommend EVERY woman, regardless of size or shape...DO THIS. You will feel AMAZING, and wait till you see yourself. You wont even believe you could've EVER felt that sexy and stunning and beautiful.

I will say, the pictures are a bit expensive...but as a grooms gift, it's perfect. My wedding is May 2013, and it's proving to be VERY difficult not just giving him the pictures now. He knew I did the shoot, but wont see the pictures until right before the wedding. :)

Have a professional do it..TRUST me. You wont be disappointed. If you're in Maine or New Hampshire...Shelly Rose Photography. Look her up. :) Best experience of my life. I'm already planning on doing another shoot when I reach my goal weight. :)

MWOLFE25 Posts: 47
9/21/12 9:14 A

I didn't want to pay for them and I definitely didn't want a photographer. The first thing out of his mouth would have been "who took these?!" I set up my computer at the foot of the bed and moved it and myself depending on the shot I wanted. Found a website that would allow me to set up a timer on each picture and then I could save it to my computer. They are not trashy, but definitely amature work. Some may call the grainy pictures "stylistic" but they might look nice in a photo book. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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9/20/12 5:26 P

I've thought about doing this as well, but I would be nervous being half-dressed (or less) in front of a photographer (and if anything she would have to be a female). I say definately go for it!

ROUTE507TOO Posts: 369
9/20/12 5:04 P

I say do it if you're comfortable and know he'll love them. You could even take them yourself with a tripod. I've seen some pretty classy ones too.

MWOLFE25 Posts: 47
9/20/12 1:25 P

How does everyone feel about boudior photos for their grooms? I used to think they were trashy and slutty but now I have seen how classy you can be made to look. I know I'm not at the weight I would like to be, but my husband-to-be doesn't care about my size. He would find me attractive in anything. I think it might be a neat surprise for him but I don't want to pay for someone to do it. I may have my friend take my picture. Any opinions?

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