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5/19/11 10:51 P

September 3rd - I as very young at the time! LOL

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5/18/11 5:03 P

Hello, I too was born in 1958. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and the pounds piled on. I gained about 35 pounds. I am so glad I found Sparkpeople because it helped me get back on track. It really was the Royal Wedding that started it. Three years ago, my daughter said I looked like a princess when I attended a Ball with my husband. I want to be that Princess again and I will. I will fit back into that same dress. Right now, I am getting over a major flareup so I have stopped running. I should be able to get back to it by tomorrow or so. So love and happiness to all you 50's guys and gals.

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5/11/11 10:42 A

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

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5/7/11 8:35 A

Me, too. Nov 9th

I don't see it as slow weight loss. I see SP as steady movement toward good health, with weight loss being a side product.

I don't need another diet. I need slow and permanent change to stay healthy. ENOUGH UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN!


5/6/11 2:30 P

Welcome, Donna!

A year to lose weight, at our age, is sort of the norm... It took me fifteen months and I began to work on my weight loss at the age of 46. But, don't be discouraged, because success is achieved by those who put effort, tenacity and commitment into attaining their goals.

Give it your all, patiently and consistently, and you'll see results! Best wishes...

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5/6/11 2:17 P

Another one born in 1958-Dec.5. I just joined today and would like to lose 60 pounds by...anytime! A year seem way too long! I can hope, right?

4/24/11 12:03 A

Hi, Michele! Welcome to SparkPeople and best wishes on attaining your goals! I was also born in 1958. July 26th, to be exact.

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4/23/11 7:03 P

Hi, I as born April 8, 1958. I joined SP on April 3, 2011 with a goal of losing 115 pounds by May 2012 or before.


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