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6/23/12 8:35 P

I deal with the constantly, especially over the summer. The best thing that you can do is limit your boredom. If you have a hobby, use your downtime to throw yourself into that. I also like to do a quick workout. When I'm craving ice cream at night while I'm watching a rerun of "Say Yes to the Dress" I go to OnDemand and find a 10 minute workout. Just getting my blood pumping for a little while helps take my mind off food.

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6/23/12 5:21 P

I've also found that planning out several healthy snacks at the beginning of the day and letting myself eat them whenever has been helpful

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6/22/12 3:13 P

Thanks. I'm going to follow your advice :-)

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6/22/12 11:49 A

I've been struggling with this a lot on weekend mornings (I get up early, no one else is up to go do anything, I watch too much TV, etc.)

Here's what's helped me:
1. Make a list of things to do other than eat ahead of time
2. Before you have a stretch of boring time ahead of you, make a list of things you need to do that day
3. Don't eat while watching TV at all. (This isn't for everyone, but it can help). Turning off the TV and focusing on your food makes you eat more mindfully.
4. Read instead of watching TV. All those commercial breaks with food ads really aren't helping.
5. Leave the house when the kitchen is too tempting, even if it's just to go for a walk.
6. Get some company. Most people are more likely to binge alone than with a friend or family member.
7. Don't keep foods that tempt you to binge in the kitchen.

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6/22/12 11:48 A

Well I have finished uni for the summer and am only being given two days work a week. So I'm sat at home on my own. I've been watching alot of TV and films and doing a bit of housework.

I am sort of choosing to - noone forces me to go to the kitchen. But then even when I feel full I still get that urge to go and eat something.

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6/22/12 11:46 A

Why not replace the boredom eating with activity? If your'e bored, DO something! Read a book, or even better, do something active. Go for a walk! Got a dog? Walk it! Kids? Get out and play with them!

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6/22/12 11:01 A

Are you choosing to eat when you're bored, or does it happen unconsciously?

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6/22/12 10:47 A

Any way you can just stop being bored? That would solve many problems at once. What are you usually doing when you get bored? Do you do remote work, and if so could you work out of a library, coffee shop, or rental space? If you're not doing paid work, can you arrange for volunteer work so you're not home all day?

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6/22/12 10:41 A

I've been doing fairly well at meal times this week, but when I've been bored I have just started eating whatevers in the cupboard. Yesterday it was angel delight, half a bar of chocolate,some almonds and scrambled eggs. Today it was a sweet potato, bread with butter and go ahead raisin biscuits.

I really could do with some help on this. I thought about maybe preparing some healthy snacks in advance that I could just grab out the fridge. Or having things to do instead of eat - but I've no idea what.

Please help!

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