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Fitness Minutes: (17,158)
Posts: 1,163
4/10/12 1:14 P

Wrapped up Day 3, averaged a calorie defecit of 1000-1200 calories a day. Took the required 10,000 steps, had 30 minutes of VIGOROUS activity and another 60+ of moderate activity per the body fit. No weightloss per the sale yet... emoticon

Im not sure if it's my body or the simply the device. will continue tracking this week and see if it translates to a scale loss...which would be a success!

Fitness Minutes: (17,158)
Posts: 1,163
4/7/12 10:14 A

So I bought one of these little gadgets and it arrived yesterday. I was hoping to get a really accurate picture of my calories burned since the gym equipment seems to vary depending on the day. I'm also training for two triathalons and I wanted to really see the progress in fitness I was making.

Anyone want to keep a running board of their bfm calories burned versus consumed and see how it translates into actual pounds lost?

Cheers, Sydney

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