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5/15/12 4:45 P

I could have done better the last 2 days too

TDUFF1954 Posts: 48
5/15/12 2:29 P

The last 2 days have not been good for me either. I find now that I have had 2 days at nearly 2000 calories I am much hungrier today than I have been in a couple months. Sunday being Mothers Day I ate too much as at my brother's for dinner and then yesterday my daughter really wanted a certain Mexican Restaurant's food for dinner and I had it also!! My plan is to drink alot more water than normal and do some extra activity tonight..when I work out I am not as hungry! Was so disappointed when I got on the scale this morning and it was up by 4 lbs!!

ALEXESQ33 Posts: 258
3/15/12 11:18 A

I saw an idea from another user (on a different site - oops!!) that she does a "weekly" calorie plan. So for example, if your calories are 1200 per day, that's 8400 per week. By this system, going berserk (LOL just being silly) for 2 days won't kill your plan, you just have to keep it under 6400 cals for the rest of the week!
so for 5 days, you get 4400 cals, or 880 per day. Now this isn't enough calories, but you could eat 1100 per day and burn 220 per day to make it up!!
This way, you stay on track, and when you have a birthday party or drinks after work once in a while, you know how to handle it!!
good luck!

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3/15/12 9:26 A

As someone who has participated in a lot of eating disorder therapy, I think it is really important to focus on what may have triggered you to overeat. If you just focus on purging it either through exercise or eating less after, you may make up for the calories, but it's likely to happen again. You might consider keeping a food journal - not just a tracker, but a way of recording how & what you were feeling before & after the binges. Yesterday I ate a lot - healthy food, but I ate until I was stuffed. After some journaling, I realized I probably overate because I was feeling depressed & lonely. Getting it down on paper helped me feel better & now I know to be wary when I feel like overeating that I might want to stop & take emotional inventory first. If I suspect it might be more emotion than hunger, maybe I'll try to take a walk, call a friend, or do something else I enjoy. Good luck!

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3/15/12 6:56 A


I would not try to compensate your overeating with exercise. Doing so can actually stimulate your hunger which can lead to overeating. This journey is about why we do what we do when we do it.

Hang in there!
Coach Nancy

LYNZIJOY SparkPoints: (29,534)
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3/15/12 5:28 A

Good plan!

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3/15/12 5:00 A

I made pasta and left over food that was still in my house. I tossed most of it now so it will not tempt me.

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3/15/12 4:02 A

I am confused...if you you follow a strict meal plan of delivered did you binge eat??

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3/15/12 3:09 A

My food is actually pretty set (I follow a strict meal plan of food delivered to my house). I will however add more water.

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3/15/12 2:38 A

You can definitely add in extra cardio/weight lifting to help compensate for the extra calories you ate...I would also encourage you to increase your water intake and fiber intake to help flush out what you ate!! I find that when I binge eat it messes up my stomach so eating extra fiber helps me!!

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3/15/12 2:07 A

So I binged two day in row, eating over 2000 calories each day. I tracked them though.

I took how many calories i should eat per day, multiplied it by 2 and minused the number from the total from the two days. I ate an excess of 2385 calories in those two days. I decided to add this to my weekly minutes I should be exercising to negate the excess calories. Good idea or no? How else could I fix this?

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