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7/20/12 9:06 P

Oh my god, I feel like you know me so well. I too exercise and at times it was up to 3hrs a day. I stopped exercising that much because I was not losing the weight and now I realize that in order to get the weight off I need to eat right. I now do a walk/jog about 4 times a week and I do some weight exercises on a DVD about 3 x a week. It all comes down to what we put in our mouths. I am doing weight watchers on my own, which does allow me to enjoy my chocolate but I go over board. I want to look good in my clothes but there is something in my head that keeps preventing that goal from happening. I am seriously looking at hypnosis, I did try it a few years back and it did help at first but it did not last long. I may need more sessions and I have to realize that in order to get better I may have to pay someone to help me. I feel guilty spending money because I have spent alot of money on different diet plans in the past and I am still fat.
Keep in touch, Rachael

7/20/12 8:49 P

Well its certainly good knowing I'm not alone. I eat so well otherwise and I've always exercised but I keep doing myself in. If I could just get myself to stick to the program most days I'm sure I would make progress. I'm making myself a promise to take small steps this weekend then next week preplan and pack my meals. If its not in the plan, then I can't eat it! I just have to stop giving in. Good luck to you too Rachael

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7/20/12 8:25 P

Hello there, when I read your post I thought you were talking about me. I have the same problem with sugar, I am so addicted to it and I don't know why. Today, I think I ate aleast 400gm, of a chocolate bar and I have been kicking myself every since. I get so mad with myself because I do well for a few days and than I blow it. I have a few friends that are losing weight and they have the will power to say no to junk food. I am so jealous and wish I could be like them. Why do we keep destroying our journey to be fit and happy? Good luck to you, I hope you get to your goal.

7/20/12 5:15 P

Thanks. I guess there's a depression thing going on, at least to some degree. Long work hours leave me with too little time and energy to exercise as much as I would like. Environment is a problem, the junk is in the office and my husband keeps bringing it home. I know I really hit bottom when I find myself actually buying junk which has happened the last few days. I always feel that if my husband were to get on board it would be so much easier. But at the same time, I can't just sit back and wait for him. Consistency is exactly my problem and I don't know how to find a way of life I can be consistent with. I try to be kind to myself but also feel like if I don't push I won't make progress - its a vicious cycle. emoticon

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7/20/12 5:01 P

I am sorry that you are feeling so frustrated. I suggest you try to pinpoint how you are feeling and find a non-food way to cope. Are you angry at someone? Stressing? Feeling depressed? Try to figure out what's going on and how you can address it.

As for the food, are you buying it and bringing it into your house? It sounds like your food environment needs to improve. Do you have an offline support system like a friend you can call when you are feeling bad?

It can difficult to get and stay focused, but I can assure you from experience that it's possible. Read everything you can about nutrition and fitness. Visit blogs on SP and find out what people are doing. Read the inspirational weight loss stories. Also, don't try to be perfect, just consistent. Above all, be kind to yourself and patient with the process. You can do this!

7/20/12 4:51 P

The last two days have been horrible, not that the last few weeks have been all that great either. I've eaten so much junk, candy, cookies, I even had an egg roll which I'd usually never have. I keep trying to get on the right track and falling flat (into a bowl of ice cream)! I'm so frustrated. My calorie range is 1200-1600. I always eat lots of veggies, lean protein, whole grains etc but I feel that to lose weight I have no room to slip. Plus it doesn't help that a bite of something sweet seems to send me into a feeding frenzy, moderation just isn't working! I can't seem to get my head on straight and figure out why I keep doing this to myself. I have to find a method or mind set or SOMETHING that will keep me on track but nothing seems to motivate me enough. I'm not eating out of hunger, but why do I keep making myself feel sick!?? How do I figure out what emptiness I'm trying to fill?

Tomorrow is another day, I know, and a chance to start fresh which is a good thing since I just ate 4 snack size snickers while writing this, LOL. AGGGGHH

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