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6/15/12 11:02 A

Thank you for all the feedback.

I have "allowed" myself to binge every day and NOT feel guilty about it. ...I just binge about 1/2 as much as the day before. So yesterdays "binge" consisted of 3T of peanut butter and 2t of honey on 5 whole wheat crackers. After I put it into my SP food list I was still within range of my calories?

I am also drinking my protein shake immediately upon coming home... Not even chatting with hubby or daughter until about 1/2 of it is gone... cannot lose the momentum of filling my stomach and satisfying my palet...

Thanks! :)

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6/13/12 8:40 A

If it is more of a mental issue -- binging after work has become routine -- I would try breaking the habit! Instead of going home directly after work, stop at a drug store and browse for a bit, got to the park and take a quick walk, or just sit outside your house for 10 minutes. That might be enough of a change to break the subconscious desire to eat when you get home from work.

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6/13/12 7:17 A

My advice is to pre-prepare snacks for these times. So I have found that when I want to "relax" after a hard day I go to my fridge grab the bowlful of carrot, pepper and cucumber slices and low-fat houmous and dig in. And I mean a BOWL FULL. So long as there is only a bit of houmous and plenty of veggies I end up with that full-to-busting stomach that the sweets, crisps, or whatever would have provided and I've just binged on vegetables.

Also, this has only worked for me when there are NO "goodies" in the fridge/cupboards. So I had to clear out ALL the crisps, sweets, etc. And if they were my partners or the little ones they were put into designated boxes on the top shelf. Because after a long day there is no way I am going out to buy junk food, I just want to lounge around.

I don't know if that is any help with you, I have had huge problems with bingeing, and on occasion still do. That is just what works for me.

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6/13/12 6:54 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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6/13/12 6:36 A

I can relate to these becomes connected with relaxation and when the stress of the day is appetite and need to 'relax' kicks is a tough, tough habit to break.

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6/13/12 6:33 A

Are you eating enough throughout the day that you're not starving when you get home? I know that's my problem sometimes... the time I eat lunch varies since I work as a supervisor at an amusement park pool and it just depends on the craziness of the day. Some days I eat early, some days I eat later. I always try to save something from my lunch for an in-between lunch and dinner snack so I'm not super starving by the time I get home and want to eat everything in sight.

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6/13/12 12:48 A

I have the same problem as well and it is SO frustrating. It is crazy how I can have such self control and discipline through out the day, and then at night I seem to not care anymore, throw all my healthy eating and exercise out the window, and go crazy eating snacks. I also feel my binge is more mental than a real need for food. It is almost like once I start snacking I can't stop, even though I know I will feel guilty the second I am done eating. I am not eating as a way to comfort myself, or because of emotions or anything like that. It seems to be more just something I have programed my brain to expect at night, so WHYYY is it so hard to just control myself?! Any help or tips would be very much appreciated as well.

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6/13/12 12:19 A

I am going thru the same problems daily with bingeing .....

6/13/12 12:12 A

I have a major problem binge eating every day when I get home from work.
- I have tried eating fruit (1/2 apple and 1/2 orange) on the way home.
- Even if I workout first before going home I still have a problem.
- Saying I WON'T DO IT... doesn't seem to help

I get home and I almost feel possessed. I seem to be unable to stay away from the kitchen, fridge and pantry. I eat bits of everything (today; 4 spoons of peanut butter with honey, 1 pickle spear, 1 yogurt, 2oz deli meat wrapped in a provolone slice, 6 lean cuisine egg rolls, the rest of the Doritoes -- I would have had sugar items, but I binged them days ago) ...of course a few hours later I still want dinner!

Tomorrow I am going to try a Banana + Whey Protein Shake when I get home, but I am not confident that is going to work. My problem seems to be more mental or physical habit than a true need for food.

I am open to any advice or thoughts! I am an extremely logical and analytically thinking person. None of this make sense to me. :(


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