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11/3/12 12:12 P


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11/2/12 10:28 P

Hang in there. You are not alone. Start each meal/ snack with a clean slate. You were brave enough to undertake the journey. This is just a difficult part of it. Keep moving forward.
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11/1/12 10:13 P

This proves that even having that surgery, the food addiction is still there. Being thinner does not equal happiness forever and ever, and a person Still has to diet. There is NO magic, my friends that had the surgery had to see a counselor to try to figure it all out. Nothing easy, just knowing what to do doesn't make it automatically happen. Is there a support group of other people that had the surgery the same time you did?

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11/1/12 9:34 P


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11/1/12 9:31 P

I am sorry to hear that you are gaining instead of maintaining. Try to cut the things you know aren't helping out and eat the low fat, high protein diet that you know will aid you in losing that weight. Also, take advantage of the tracker and be honest with yourself. Weigh and measure your portions. GOOD LUCK!

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11/1/12 9:24 P

Welcome! Keep tracking your food and coming back to SP each day. I have a couple of friends who have had the surgery and I know from listening to their stories that it can be tough. Hang in there.


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11/1/12 9:18 P

Stop talking bad about yourself! You are a size 12, that is awesome! You are one sexy mother F'er! Pardon the language but you gotta own how beautiful you are! If you wanna lose a few pounds, you can do it! You've done it before! Allow yourself those comfort foods in moderation. You have this under control, you have already achieved it...The hardest part is learning how, following through again will be easier! You go girl!

DALYPOOH Posts: 58
11/1/12 9:13 P

TREKKERTAMMI.. wow you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm 2 1/2 yrs post op from sleeve and was delaying going to see my doc for the 2 yr follow-up because I knew I had headed in the wrong direction. (I finally went yesturday and feel better about it, he told me you know exactlly what you are doing wrong because you just told me stop feeling bad about it and change back to your good goal just like pre-op.

My main problem is figuring out what to eat, I incorporated carbs/ sweats back in 4 months ago and this is what I got 20 lbs up..

I'm going to make it a goal to get back in here.. again.
doc told me to stick to no more than 1000 cals a days and cut the carbs and go see him in a month.

You are not alone... emoticon

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10/24/12 10:01 A

I know you can do it- make healthy changes one at time and celebrate each success!

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10/24/12 9:19 A

My sister in law had the surgery too. I love her but it is so hard for me to tell her things that I'm sure she does not want to hear. (Yes, she gained quite a bit of weight back).

I care about you too, but don't know you so it is easier to say these things. I would absolutely cry, and would not be comforted much by the fact you are still down a lot from where you started. You are very aware you are going in the "wrong direction" and that is not something to feel good about.

I am curious what the counseling is really like that patients for this go through. In real life, either my SIL was not listening, did not take them seriously, or just is not willing to change her lifestyle permanently to keep the weight off.

A couple of years ago, she hosted our family Christmas dinner. I watched her put an entire pound of butter in the mashed pototatoes before whipping them. The pan was not that big in my opinion, to warrant any where near that amount of butter. Personally, I would add very little butter (maybe none!) and let people add their own butter/gravy to the potatoes after they are on their plate. Maybe some would consider my way the oppoisite extreme, but I have take off 80 pounds from my highest non-pregnant weight and I have kept it off for many years (no surgery or anything like that).

To do this, and keep it off, I fully understand that my life will no longer revolve around food. I have learned to "like" some foods that are not as rich (less butter, less fat, less sugar..) in the recipes. I eat whatever I want but control my portion sizes and I don't TOUCH food like mashed potatoes that I know have tons of extra butter in them. It is a shame because nobody in my family needed all that butter. It is a small example, but it seems to me that something in my SIL is bound and determined to keep her fat in spite of surgery or anything else. Yet, she tells me that she can barely eat, still gets sick if she eats too much. She is not telling the truth. I don't know if she is intentionally lying or actually believes this herself, but I know she takes in far more calories every day than I do, and that is why she is gaining and I'm maintaining.

I don't know how to make this into something to make you feel better, but I will try. You MUST get in a frame of mind where being at your goal weight is MORE important to you than your use of food to cope with life. It is okay to like and even love eating (I do). But if you don't find other outlets and ways to cope with ups and downs, boredom, sadness, happiness, etc., this is not going to happen for you.

I think the surgery is great for some people, but they still have to understand it is not a magic cure and if the habits are not changed permanently, eventually the patient will find a way to sneak in extra calories and get the weight back on.

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10/24/12 9:12 A

awesome weight loss! Stay with Sparkpeople, track your food and exercise, the weight will come back off. Plus we're here for you.

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10/24/12 9:05 A

First, congratulations on your weight loss. I understand your feeling when gaining back some of the weight. I am still learning about my desires for certain foods and find that once I start the comfort foods I crave more. If I get back on the healthy high protien foods I crave the comfort foods less.

Second, You are still down 145 pounds according to your numbers. That is a whole person size. THAT IS AWESOME !!!! Take your journey one day at a time and I'm sure you can get back on track. Best wishes!!!

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10/24/12 8:53 A

I used to weigh 345lbs. I actually got down to 135 and wore a size 4. I was told this was unhealthy for my 5' 10" frame. I leveled off at 150lbsfor a couple of years and was a size 6. Now I weigh 200lbs and wear a 12 and just want to cry. I have been trackingmy goals here on Sparkpeople but this is my 1st week. I really like the site and I hope it helps me. I am depressed over my weight gain causing lack of motivation, tiredness and eating comfort food.

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