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ICANDOIT_09 Posts: 9
3/22/12 12:12 A

Thanks everyone!

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3/21/12 8:19 P

Good on you for doing the right thing! emoticon

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3/20/12 8:38 A

Woo hoo... Keep it up!!!!
emoticon emoticon

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
3/20/12 8:14 A


Every journey starts with the first step - and the second. And third!

3/20/12 4:23 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ICANDOIT_09 Posts: 9
3/20/12 1:43 A

I went back to the gym today, has been a very long time. Been really sick over the winter! I was so hurting and tired, but well worth it. I have a hard time working out with others because I feel bad about my weight, but I just put my headphones in my ears turned my music on and tuned everyone out, yeah me! Felt good! Sometimes when you have health issues and such you tend to just want to give up. I made a point today that I am tired of my health getting me down, time to get up, pull my self together and put on that happy face! I am one of the toughest persons to overcome my problems, I had got so bad I was letting my weight get to the point where I was shying away from people for fear of what I looked liked, but in doing that I was hurting myself, I decided if they don't like me then don't look. Well, hope everyone is doing ok. :)

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