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8/4/12 1:41 P

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♥«´¨ * Welcome To SparkPeople *•´¨`»♥
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Hi ~ Welcome to SparkPeople. I find that interacting with other Sparks is really the best way to stay motivated and on-track. Taking advantage of the educational aspects of SP is also key to weight loss goal success. Come back to the message boards and read blogs to find people that you feel like you would like to "friend" These folks will help you attain your goals.

Know that through using SparkPeople to it's fullest potential will help you more successfully attain your goals. Come up with a BIG reward (like mine is a cruise) to help you stay focused and successful in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle. And look at this as a change in your lifestyle, not just another diet.

For any questions on SparkPeople that you have if you can't find them on the site yourself or through using the HELP section, e-mail They will answer your questions and help you out.
Best of luck emoticon
Ruthie emoticon

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8/4/12 1:03 P


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8/4/12 11:27 A

emoticon to SP!! emoticon

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8/4/12 10:24 A

Thank you for your encouragement!
I just found my old sparks page (Beverly_va) and it just put me into tears. What a failure I feel like!
I know I am motivated and can do it. I just worry that I really screwed up my body so much it doesn't want to work at it anymore.
So 3.5lbs weight loss in two weeks is good then?

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8/4/12 10:19 A

Welcome back! The 3.5lb loss is great, don't beat yourself up about it! You didn't gain the weight overnight so it's not going to come off overnight (or even in a couple weeks).

The fact that you lost 100lbs the first time shows how determined you are and that you CAN do this! Don't give up!

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8/4/12 10:08 A

emoticon Hello !! I think that a 3.5 pound loss is great, but I also understand how you feel about it not being "enough". I struggle with that every week that my weight loss is under 2 pounds. That being said, every single pound, or ounce for that matter, counts. Ultimately all of those 1 or 2 pound losses will add up to big weight loss numbers over time!! Keep working hard, and eating right, and you will see and feel your progress. Always remember too, the scale is only one of the ways to measure your success. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/4/12 10:02 A

Hello all
I lost alot of weight here back about 3 years ago (100lbs) but sadly I gained back about 70 of them. So here I am again, working hard at it to get back to my size 10.
I am really discouraged today...I have been at this for 2 weeks, taking the generic form of Bontril my doctor provided me to help kick start me again, working out 4x per week (treadmill and elliptical....doing alot of sprinting as I know that is important in exercise) , counting my calories (staying below 1200 because the Bontril fills me up) and drinking tons of water. It was exactly 2 weeks ago yesterday I started and I have only lost 3.5lbs. I know that sounds great, but I guess I was expecting this week with the little I ate and the exercise and water i put in it would have at least gone done 1 more pound.
Is this normal? Is it possible that I have entirely screwed up my body over the years with yo yo dieting (and all sorts of diet pills) that I am hopeless to ever lose weight again? I am just ready to cry!

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