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4/27/12 12:19 A

Maybe you're right. I should probably take advantage of all the time i have. I just thought maybe i don't exercise enough and that's why i don't have much energy.

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4/26/12 3:39 A

I think that in general, yes, taking care of a baby is tiring. I know I have two young ones and I'm exhausted. I'm sure I haven't slept a full 6 hours in a row in the last 4 years.

But back to you: you say your son sleeps 12 hours straight, but do you? When are you going to bed? How much sleep are you getting. Maybe you need to go to bed early too. :)

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4/25/12 1:24 A

I'm a mother of a 16 month old. I'm tired all the time. I get a good nights sleep because my son goes down around 7:30- 8pm and doesn't wake up until 7:30/ 8 am. But i still find myself extremely tired. I don't understand. I joined this site because i feel that if i exercise more i'll be able to gain some energy back. Has anyone else experienced or is going through this same issue? and has SP helped you get your energy back?
Thanks !

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