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12/24/11 3:04 A

I have prepared 2 8 pound prime ribs for the tragger as well as bacon wrapped shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and smoking almonds. Traggered a large pizza today for my college age daughter and her friends. They loved it. Nothing beats a tragger. Merry Christmas everyone.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
12/16/11 9:57 A

my brother does some fine chicken legs, first he steams them in the oven then slow cooks on the grill applying some fighting cock (bbq sauce) turns out real good two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!

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12/15/11 12:37 P

The past 2 years I have been using a smoke box on my Weber gas grill and the food comes out good. Went to a friends house that has a Primo (ceramic) smoker grill and WOW.

A little bird told me that I may be getting a Primo or a Big Green Egg for XMAS this year. If this is true then look out. BBQ central at my place.

12/15/11 1:03 A

I traggered 2 turkeys one in a whiskey honey brine and the other injected with a cajun mix..mmm mmm mmm both smoked for 5 hours apple, pecan and cherry pellets. Going to blaze a prime rib for new years eve. emoticon

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12/12/11 10:26 P

I love grilling! Smoked a few chickens recently with mesquite chips. Fresh rosemary oregano and basil from my garden stuffed under the skin then slow cook /smoke for a few hours. Freaking awesome!

12/12/11 4:04 P

I have a 4 burner brinkmann, and I tailgate a lot with my little smokey joe webber. I can get that little guy to smoke. I actually had to look up the Traeger and WOW. Those things look really cool.

12/12/11 2:24 P

Ok so maybe certain recipes isnt my quest..Anyone BBQ ? or i mean Tragger now.

N0_EQL Posts: 627
12/11/11 3:52 P

Sorry I don't have a recipe for BBQ.

You may want to post this request on recipe group if you have not already done so. You may be more successful in you quest.

12/9/11 2:49 A

I recently purchased a Tragger grill. This grill is the best I have ever purchased. Everything I cook in it turns out to be very good. For those of us meat eaters you can go wrong. Perfect for the paleo groups. Anyone have receipe ideas that are a little more on the healthy side for BBQ ?

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