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BOR9455 Posts: 52
8/26/12 5:19 P

So Hera,

I sent you a private message of encouragement, in attempt to help. How are things going with your journey? By my count, you know have just a tad less than a year before you take the big plunge. That is about 52 weeks of good clean eating, rigorous and challenge exercise and many great opportunities ahead of you before you walk down the aisle.

HERA2012 Posts: 43
8/20/12 10:26 A

Thank you:)

That was a very inspirational story for me and its great you are still on spark people because yes you are absolutely right it is a life change.
After a very bad weekend of feeling sorry for myself and eating crap I started this Monday feeling more then ready to begin this process and stop all excuses. I feel better when I eat healthy foods:)


CHEVY_CHICK95 Posts: 77
8/18/12 5:50 P

great to have you here! If you interested a few of us from the have started a weight loss challenge for us getting married in 2013 love to have you join! message me if you interested :)

BOR9455 Posts: 52
8/17/12 8:37 P

Good luck on your journey. My wife and I were in your shoes not all that long ago. It hit us last year when our son got sick right around his first birthday in late October 2011. We just out of the blue stepped on the scale at the Dr.'s office while waiting, and it both hit us that we really had let ourselves go that far. My bride was just over 180 and I was pushing 270. That was a really shocking day.

We had our wedding on August 4th, and we tipped the scales at 143 and 196 respectively. It took a lot of hard work in the gym, in the kitchen and in balancing out our lives to accommodate for fitness. We didn't get in shape for just our wedding and its photos, but for our lives. We have returned home from our trip to El Salvador (home of our wedding) and fallen right back into our routines of exercise and fairly clean eating, because it was a lifestyle change we had made, not just some fad diet routine to get fit for an occasion.

HERA2012 Posts: 43
8/16/12 3:48 P

Hello Everyone

I am getting married in 367 days (August 18 2013) and have just really taken a hard look at my body and my eating habits and lack of exercise and enough is enough. I am 5 foot 1 1/2 tall and 240 pounds. I'm happy I found this board because a friend that is very health minded thinks losing weight for a event is a bad idea but I consider this as losing weight for my life…the whole new one I am starting next year with my wonderful partner. He also has struggled with weight all his life and even had the surgery but as can happen worked around it and now is trying to lose the weight again and I am so happy.

I do think people can be healthy at different weights but for me I felt the best at 150 so that’s my goal.

I do love myself and now I just want a way to show it everyday.

So I am here for support and to support others.


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