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11/15/12 2:03 P

An arm ergometer is a great tool for people who can't use their legs. It's basically an exercise bike for your hands.

There's a chair workout video (at least one) on SP. You may have to modify it for your needs but check it out.

There are tons of strength training exercises you can do for your upper body and core that don't involve legs at all. Just look at all those bodybuilder dudes who never work their legs! ;) If you have access to a gym or even if you don't, there are literally hundreds of exercises you can do for your arms, chest, back, lower back, shoulders, abs, obliques, forearms, upper back. Most of your muscles are located above the hips.

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11/15/12 9:23 A

Do you have a pool you can use? If so just swim doing upper arms. You can still get a good cardio workout in and not re injure your foot.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/15/12 9:03 A

I would check with your doctor for sure, but when I had it, i did a lot of floor exercises. I would sit in the chair and do upper body and crunches in the chair. It certainly wasn't ideal, but at least I felt I was doing something.

STACEY_0106 Posts: 4
11/15/12 8:14 A

Darn it! I've hurt my plantar fascia (right foot) and now have crutches and am weight bearing as tolerated. I'm pretty restricted with my mobility...I know I need to give my foot time to heal but I'm worried that being sidelined for a few weeks will set me back. any suggestions for how I can maintain at least some level of fitness? Help!

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