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9/4/12 9:36 A

Parent involvement. If you are there and can just show you care (even if the kids are rude, blow you off or are just nasty children) is the most important part of being a parent.

No - you will not be perfect all the time. Sometimes you will over indulge, sometimes you will totally miss a need, but most of the time you get the insight as to what they need, what they do, the friends they run with, the acceptable (or unacceptable behavior) they engage in or just what they are thinking or where they hang out.

You as a parent have the obligation to at least let your kids know that their actions are acceptable or unacceptable. Truly, they know for the most part what is good or bad and just you letting them know, gives them a reinforcement that may just help them to fight off a peer situation that is bad. They are not going to be successful all the time, but give them the tools to do the right thing.

Enough rambling, that we are all thinking about our kids shows at least something.

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8/31/12 6:28 P

Being a good example and striving to learn and do the best you can with your children is about all a parent can do. There are kids with plenty that are good and bad, and there are kids with nothing that are good and bad. WHY? It's NOT what they have, how much they have, where they live, etc. it's how well the parent taught them how to be good citizens and stewards of the earth.

As they grow up, they will be tempted and taught to ignore their parents upbringing it if differs from some of the groups and individual agendas out there. They also will be influenced by their peers and that is a strong one. But if the foundation was strong, they can weather these distractions.

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8/30/12 12:23 A

Honestly I think that simply questioning whether or not you are a good parent probably makes you a pretty good parent. Obviously you have thought about what you lacked or hopefully had as a child and the effects it has had into your adulthood and undoubtedly it has influenced you as a parent...I know I have.

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8/30/12 12:01 A

I spent a lot of time with my kids when they were little. We went through all the good and bad times together because I didn't work. Sometimes I feel like what I did doesn't matter but when I look at my 16 year old now I know it did. After all that time doing so much together and weathering the good and bad days now she loves to be around me and doing things together with the family. She has strong morals and isn't afraid that she is different than many of her peers because she knows she comes home to a family that loves and supports her. And I agree, you can tell a lot from their friends. Eva has a small group of sweet friends. She has very good taste in friends. I trust her opinion in many ways.

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8/29/12 12:25 P

I think so. Always working to get better.

8/27/12 8:29 A

you can tell alot about your kid by how his peers (and other parents) view him/her. i'm all for not caring what people think, but if others do not desire to be around your child, you may have a problem

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8/26/12 10:13 P

Tough to tell if you are good parents over the internet...
how are you indulging your children?

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8/26/12 12:17 P

Sometimes we do not want to repeat the mistakes we think our parents made in raising us. so we over indulge our child. Discipline them less or none at all. We end up creating children we are not proud to associate with. There must be a balance in our parenting. Let us do for the next generation a job for which we would be thanked

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