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3/1/12 12:52 P

Hi, I have the opposite problem. I have low arches, and plantar fasciitis. Do you have orthotics made yet? If not, see if you can get some that you know work. The worst is trying to use the running store ones if you really have an issue. Some people it works, others, not so good.

When you get orthotics people think they still need motion control shoes. Not the case. Then you are overdoing it.

The only store I have found that understood this was roadrunner sports. They have a couple of stores but mostly sell online. They are really, really good. The people on the phones are awesome and understood how orthotics work. If you can find a running store that is good, go there, but I found that even though they watch you run, many of them don't really understand the function of orthotics and how they work. I have to say I was pretty surprised when the woman on the phone knew more than a person I met at the running store. Give them a shot, I think they are awesome! They also have a good return policy. Even though they deduct shipping, most running stores want you to use them on a treadmill and give you 30 days. Roadrunner gives you 90 (double check to make sure they still offer this). I bought trail shoes and trust me, there is a big difference between trail running and running on a treadmill. They worked on the treadmill but I felt every rock and stick on the trail. I personally hate that. Good luck!

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3/1/12 12:42 P

find a running store that will help you select shoes/inserts that will be best for your feet. the correct pair of shoes make all the difference.

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Definitely not! Running shoes that are properly fitted to your individual foot are critical for serious (and not so serious) runners like me. When I got a new pair of fitted running shoes, it was like night and day... and I can tell mine are wearing out now already, so it's time to replace them.

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3/1/12 12:33 P

Nope they are not alike- feet are individuals like you and me- please use money and get into a running shop and find shoes that suit your feet.. What I wear may be the biggest white elephant on your feet..

Never take hear say advice- it can get people into trouble knee deep.. If anything is wrong with the shoes return them.. You can say I asked for help and they didn't do what you expected them to do.. If you just purchase cheap off the rack- once you use them unless there is a material failure you have purchased them..

Decent shops don't like negative feedback target and other huge dept shops don't care less if they loss customers because 50 others are willing to do the same thing as you did..

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3/1/12 12:27 P

Hi everyone,

I have been wanting to start a running program like the couch to 5k for a long time now and I was hoping to get some good tips. I have high arches and need special supports in my shoes but when I jog with them on they start to really hurt my feet. Is there a good pair of running shoes out there for some one like me?

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