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I do take it, as well as some levothryoxine. I think armour is for T4 and the other for T3. The combo gives me energy that was MIA before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed. It doesn't result in weightloss unto itself, that is still diet and excercise.

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6/5/12 8:53 P

What is it? How is it different from other thyroid replacements?

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6/5/12 6:50 P

I read a book this week titled "WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT HYPOTHYROIDISM." It is eye opening info for people who suffer from the symptoms of the disease especially weight gain. I got the book on my kindle fire and read the whole book in one day as it is a very easy read! I found thrum doing further research a book titled STOP THE THYROID MADNESS. I haven't read it but plan to order it. Lw

I also called my Dr and asked for some Armour thyroid and she called some in and I will start taking it tomorrow. Hope to start having more energy to exercise and lose weight. Just wanted to share this with you all.

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