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11/3/12 12:07 P


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11/3/12 12:11 A

I desperately need some face work to get rid of the bags, crows feet and the saggy jowls.

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11/3/12 12:10 A

You have a great way of thinking, Ethel!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,175
11/2/12 11:25 P

I'm almost 66, but, the 5 or 6 times I've lost alot of weight (since age 12, people!), any loose skin just went away by itself, no rubbing with fake creams, and just doing the usual exercises. After age 63, it doesn't go away as quickly, but doesn't matter because I'm not skinny like the fitness buffs think you must be in order to find love, I'm just normal/average, and you feel lucky that you can get around on your own, climb stairs, walk all over the place, etc. If someone doesn't like you because you have loose skin, too bad for them, they are too shallow, just like much of our current culture right now. Don't worry so much about perfection, the worry will mess you up more than the extra weight.

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11/2/12 11:15 P

People don't believe they will ELIMINATE excess skin, but it DOES help it. When I reached my goal weight, my waist was 28 or 29 and I have excess skin. By some strength training and intense cardio, my waist is now 26 inches. It absolutely was skin that was tightened because my BMI is about 19 which is extremely low. I still have a little pouch thing but I kind of learned to love it. I couldn't imagine going through surgery to remove it. Especially when I'm so young that I haven't had kids yet. I think it kind of gives my body character. I'm really scronny, and my excess skin/pouch kind of gives me curves when I'd be flat as a board (except for some boobage) without it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
11/2/12 4:09 P

"even with weight lifting, creams, yoga, crunches, she had 3.5 inches of loose skin around her midsection "

Yeah... people mistakenly believe that those things will eliminate excess skin.
They don't.

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11/2/12 3:50 P

I lost around 50 pounds and I have some sagging skin. In fact, my stomach bears a more than passing resemblance to a Shar Pei puppy ! LOL !!

Some of my skin did pop back, some didn't. Whether or not a person's skin pops back after weight loss depends on many different factors including age, genetics, amount of weight lost, how fast they lost, etc. Age matters a lot. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. So, the younger a person is when they lose, the better the chances are that some of the skin will pop back. Will it all pop back ? Not necessarily and that's where a tummy tuck comes in. A person could opt for a tummy tuck if they wanted to remove the excess skin. cosmetic surgery is always an option.

Is it one that I will use ? Maybe if I ever win Megabucks ! I'm not happy having sagging skin, but I'm not letting it get me down either. I consider the sagging skin a small price to pay for my good health.

However, you might find these articles about what the Biggest Loser contestants do about excess skin helpful.

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11/1/12 11:07 P

I am wondering, for those folks who had over 50 lbs and 100 lb weight losses, did anyone need to have extra skin removed?

My friend was never large, but she gained 35 lbs after both pregnancies, lost all the weight and was a size 4, but even with weight lifting, creams, yoga, crunches, she had 3.5 inches of loose skin around her midsection and opted for a tummy tuck. she said she is very glad she did and is able to run without loose skin moving around.

Anyone else have that expirience?

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