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3/16/12 7:10 P

If interested, here is a link with some information and tips :)

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
3/6/12 3:42 A

Thank you, everyone, I appreciate this, I will continue to exercise and hope for the best, I thank you for answering me, I did not know really what to do or what specialist to see, its very frustrating though, but thanks alot!

3/5/12 10:28 P

I don't have the diagnosis, but I certainly have the body shape and difficulty losing weight. In line with TATTER3, I try to keep in mind that it is still healthier to at least try. I got a book (which I think is somehow related to SparkPeople) a few months ago: "The Spark: The Revolutionary 3-Week Fitness Plan That Changes Everything You Know About Exercise, Weight Control, and Health
Glenn A. Gaesser, Karla Dougherty" after seeing Glenn Gaesser interviewed. In the interview he was saying people focus too much on the weight, get discouraged, and quit. If, instead, they just focused on their health, even if there is no or minimal weight loss, they still were much healthier following the plan he outlines in the book for diet and exercise. For diet, he focuses simply on adding fruits, vegetables, and water to your current habits, and he outlines simple exercises he recommends. There is also a step by step plan for implementation, although you may already be doing many of the things he recommends if you are following SparkPeople plans. Anyway, I thought what he says makes sense and also helps me keep on a healthier path even if I don't lose a lot of weight - it can keep me from getting discouraged and just quitting altogether. He said that some people who follow his plan lose a LOT of weight and some people don't lose any, but all are healthier (blood pressure, etc.) when they follow it. You can get it used on Amazon for hardly any more than shipping, or maybe check the library.

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3/3/12 7:21 A

One of the things that I've found over the last couple of years is that even if the weight stays on, I feel better when I'm exercising and eating right. I have more energy and sleep better. When I don't follow the program (which for me means low fat, lots of fruit and veggies and exercising by a video for 15 to 30 minutes daily or walking) I feel sluggish and depressed. Well, lately the depression is here a lot...but still, I really do feel better just living healthy. My Dr. had told me that because of the weight, my heart had compensated by initiating over use of smaller vessels around the heart to keep blood flowing well. I shrugged him off (not face to face) but continued to follow his advise as a point of reference for myself...low salt, increased fluids - especially water - and exercise. Just the basics for living well. I finally resolved myself to doing what I can and leaving the rest to whatever happens. Just don't give up. Keep moving and Sparkin'!!! You won't regret it.

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
3/3/12 3:22 A

Thats what I do go up and down the same weight go up an down and he said its metabolic syndrome or syndrome x and you can't lose weight, and its frustrating, I have been on this site so long and can't lose so I just come for the social as its impossible to lose, hope they don't kick me off as I don't lose but thats what he told me, but I'm going to go see an endocronolgist and see if by chance it could be thyroid as you can get false readings from regular thyroid tests, and if he can't help me then I guess I"m fat for life, but I was told to get the fat off my middle and I can't, I've tried everything and exercise and nothing happens, its very discouraging.

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3/2/12 10:08 P

I honestly thought my doctor made that up. I was diagnosed years ago after a series of strokes and heart attacks. I have fought weight issues and have become so frustrated with such minimal progress. I stagnated a year ago and just lose and gain the same pounds over and over. Thanks for sharing and letting me know that I'm not alone.

3/2/12 6:45 P

geez, if your heavy enough...i think ALL of us will devlop the metabolic system after awhile.

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
3/2/12 12:59 P

How do you get the weight off, been trying oh so long, doc said I won't ever lose, trying to prove him wrong, anyone else have it and how do you get the weight off, gastric by pass is out, have too many bad health issues they wont' do it, been on this site been on so many diets and nothing goes down, exercise like crazy and nothing, just nothing!

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