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5/12/11 9:23 A

Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

He knows what to expect, now.

5/11/11 10:16 A

You can start here for your answers.


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5/11/11 8:57 A

My days of Military fitness test ended about 3 years ago, i am retired Navy. what i would suggest is have him speak with the commands fitness coordinator, like all things military they need to have an instruction to follow. many time you can find them on line that will lay out how to perform the test. but you all are doing the right thing, and that is ASKING, that helps so much. but yes ask for the instruction they will be going by, and my navy experience if you were going to do something other then running, the fitness coordinator had a meeting with you to explain the whole process. good luck and keep asking questions.


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5/10/11 6:19 P

Sorry I can't help. I retired 25 years ago. (MSgt, USAF)

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5/10/11 6:09 P

My husband's been put on profile due to a knee injury - he's suppose to ride a bike instead of run this coming PT.

However, he's unsure of how the bike test goes - does he have to maintain a constant speed throughout - or does he just have to do 6.5 miles in time - speed fluctuating freely? (stationary bike - rather than a track bike)

He's asked around on base but no one seems to actually know (typical)

I'm sure he can figure this out but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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