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6/25/12 11:16 A

Thanks for the view RICHARDGUNTHER2. Maybe you, or someone else, could let me know if what I'm thinking of doing right now is a good idea. I have to weigh in at 154 with a 3 lb gi on, on a Saturday. I wanted to get me weight to 158 that Monday. I would drink a lot of water M-W while bringing my calories about 300 under what I'm doing now. Then drink .5 gal Thurs and no dinner. On Friday, eat a small breakfast and maybe a small snack and splash of water through the day. Nothing on Saturday until after the weigh in. I'm hoping that will get me down to 150 so that I can add the gi and still make weight. Or is that not enough? trying to sweat it out doesn't sound like a great idea to me since I'm new to this. Might lay out in the sun Thurs a little bit maybe rather than a sauna.

After weigh ins, I'm looking at drinking 50/50 gatorade/water or pedialyte to rehydrate. While eating some Kashi Go Lean cereal since that has lots of whole grains and a decent amount of protein. Also having an apple or fruit right away for quick carbs and then some well made trail mix with peanuts, dried fruit, and maybe some M&Ms for fuel throughout the day. Hopefully I have some time after weigh-ins before my first match but i'm really not sure. Does this sound like a decent plan? I just don't want to miss weight or end up too exhausted and not do well enough.

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6/21/12 10:03 A

You would not know it from looking at my picture now, but I have competed in martial arts and I did wrestle in high school. Martial arts I was 225 at the time and fought heavy weight. When I wrestled in school I wrestled at 160. The bad thing is I have lost as much as 7 pounds in one day to make weight, but I was completely dehydrated. I won my match but past out afterwards. Only you can know where you need to be weight wise, but their is no easy or quick way of doing it. Make sure you get your calories, protein, and carbs but be safe. You want to be strong when you compete. Sorry I could not help any more.

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6/21/12 9:41 A

Not here

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So I'm realizing how wrong my thinking was. I'm probably going to have to cut to get down to 154 to go against guys my size. I could use any advise on cutting weight as I haven't done it before. There's a tournament in July that I don't know if I can get down to featherweight by then, but even if I have to fight as an undersized lightweight I'll still go through a practice routine of cutting and then rehydrating.

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6/20/12 10:12 A

Hey guys,
So I was never a wrestler (played football and hockey in highschool) so I've never had the issue of managing my weight for weight classes. Recently I started doing Brazilian jiu jitsu and fell in love with it. There's a big competition in September and I want to be in top shape for it. They weigh right before the match (with 2lb gi on) so I can't really cut weight for it. Right now, I'm about 170 in the mornign and about 175 during the day all hydrated and with food in me. There is a weight class at 167, and then another at 154. 154 seems to low for my frame, so I was thinking about getting down to 160 and then building some muscle up before. I normally weigh myself in the morning as I'm on my way to the shower, and I think I'll need that weight to say 163 to make 167 for the fight.

Should I get down to about 160 and then eat at a neutral calorie amount while lifting hard to trim a little fat and build some muscle? Or should I get down to 155 first and then eat at a surplus with adding some protein to my lifting to build my muscle back to the levels they were at before I lost this weight in the first place. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I just want to be in top shape for this tournament. If I could be one of the strongest at my weight class that would be best for me. I'm 5'8"

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