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4/28/12 5:35 P

Thanks guys !

AJAMARIE Posts: 92
4/28/12 4:11 P

REEVALUATE!!! Reform your goals and think of some more positive rewards to allow yourself. Change up your workout regiment. Do something actively that you've never done before.....try new foods....let me know if any of this helps you.

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4/28/12 4:09 P

emoticon On your past success and your workout consistency. emoticon

I think it may work for you to make a New Chapter 'fresh start' emoticon right now.

One of the goals I had/have is to make healthy choices a habit. You are creating a healthy lifestyle for long term fitness and health. Just start fresh now. You already know you can do it!

SARABEARA8 SparkPoints: (6,928)
Fitness Minutes: (8,244)
Posts: 96
4/28/12 4:04 P

For about 3 months I didn't have any problem staying motivated with my diet and exercise. I stayed within the correct ranges and ate really healthy foods every day and I worked out almost every day. I actually lost quite a bit of weight. But now I still have a little bit more weight to lose and I can't seem to make myself stick to the diet. I have still been running quite a bit each day but I keep eating junk and going over my ranges for everything each day. What do you do?

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