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2/9/12 8:35 A

Thanks so much for the tips!
we are thinking of booking appointments to check places out in a few weeks but as of right now we literally have nothing planned-thankfully I have a friend who is starting a career in event planning and using me as a project- awesome because its 1. Free and 2. she actually has taste (something I am lacking in :p) picking November was a bit strategic on our part, we knew it was "off" season so more venues would be open (and cheper) Ontario Summers are so humid we didnt want our guests (and us) to "melt" in the heat and We both dont see the point in a long engagement (been together 5 years) hopefully it will all come together soon, I start dress shopping next weekend.

I LOVE the idea of a camping wedding!! a few friends of mine have done/are doing that as well.
you can really save money that was as well while still keeping everything nice and classy.
What kind of DIY are you doing?
We are thinking of making the invitations and possibly centerpieces but not much more then that.

Good luck in your planning!!

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2/6/12 2:48 P

haha. I know! We had a long engagement, but silly me totally just thought that time would go on forever, and all of a sudden I found myself 6 months out with lots to do!

We did have a decent chunk done (venue, dress, music, guest list) but there are SO many other things to do, and I'm a graphic designer, so I want to design everything myself, which is a lot of extra work because of course, it has to be *perfect* and I have too many ideas! hahaha!

We're doing a lot of our wedding stuff DIY because it works with our theme (we're doing a camping weekend in Durham, Ontario - at the most fabulous venue I have ever seen), but holy man - it'll keep you busy!

The good thing with your wedding being in November is that it's off season, so you've got a little more time to book and schedule things, right?

They're totally redoing Victoria Park right now - it will be complete in tons of time for a November wedding, and the Pavilion is great - opens right up to the gardens! Also, Waterloo Park has their Old Mill for weddings (you're probably familiar with it - it's pretty close to the Universities) and the wedding there are fabulously pretty!

Makes you a little crazy, doesn't it?

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2/6/12 2:02 P

Yeah!! we haven't decided on a venue yet but we are torn between KW and Toronto for our November Wedding. (we live in Toronto now, but both did our undergrads at U Waterloo)

how is your planning coming along? Im just getting started....apparently I'm behind schedule haha

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2/6/12 1:55 P

I'm here! I'm in K-W, and I'm getting married this summer!

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2/6/12 1:49 P

Imma take that as a no haha

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2/1/12 8:37 A

Just wondering if there are any fellow Southern Ontario Brides on here? I guess Im really looking for more local people to share tips and ideas with.

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