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6/11/12 2:07 P

Can you do inverted rows? You get into the power cage, get under the barbell (body straight, prone if you can manage it and at a 45 degree angle if you can't, grab the bar with an overhand grip and pull yourself up. Great for your back and also works your chest and shoulders. Because you're not leaning on your wrists, this might work for you.

Here's a much better description of the move, with pictures:

6/11/12 11:32 A

Use a set of push up bars or two hexagonal dumbbells to place your hands on, this takes away the flexion at the wrists while providing a stable platform. Place them so that your hands are parallel to your body and not perpendicular to it.

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6/11/12 11:31 A

What exactly are your goals? There's no single exercise that's required for any purpose. The good thing about strength training is that no matter your goal, there's more than one way to get there. You don't have to do a single pushup, crunch, or any other exercise if you don't want to!

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6/11/12 11:27 A

You should talk to your doctor or phsyical therapist. If the pain is that bad, I wonder if any pressure would re-injure your wrist(s). Otherwise, perhaps barbell or db bench press. There's still weight on your wrists (lifting the bar/DBs), but maybe it will be less painful for you. But, again, talk to your doc.

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6/11/12 11:27 A

any variation of chest press is similar, but doesn't have the core stabilization component of pushups.

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6/11/12 11:18 A

Does anyone know of a good alternative to push-ups? My right wrist has been broken twice, and my left wrist has been broken once. It has been several years since the injuries, but neither one healed correctly. When I put weight on them, the pain is excruciating. Any suggestions? emoticon

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