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3/1/12 11:29 P

HRM belts can't bunch and roll - they're simply not wide enough.

It's like wearing a watch strap, but around your chest. You'll be fine.

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3/1/12 6:20 P

I have used HRM quite a bit in training... the band goes around right below bra strap... kinda just feels like more bra strap, not too bad. =)

JUNIPER366 Posts: 55
3/1/12 3:27 P

Thanks for the great information!!! I don't have a heart rate monitor but I considered getting one. I just don't think I would like the belt thingy. I'm fat, so most likely it will end up bunching and rolling. Plus I'm already torchured with a bra! Has anyone ever used a hrm that doesn't use one?

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3/1/12 1:08 P

IIRC, your lungs extract more oxygen from warmer air, and when you breathe in through the nose, it is warmed more on the way down to them. (Contrast with: Outside, colder air temperatures tend to have more oxygen in the air than warmer air temperatures - but your body will still appreciate that richer-oxygen cold air being warmed before it hits your lungs).

As for your biking no, there's no set resistance that matches roads, and we dont' know who made your particular bike anyway. Resistance 8 on yours might be the same as resitance 2 on mine. Different manufacturers...

Use the RPE to determine how hard you're working when biking outside, and try to match "how hard that feels" when using the exercise bike.


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3/1/12 12:56 P

It may seem like a piddly little thing to worry about, but it really is crucial. We many times breath in through our nose and release the breath naturally out our mouths without thought... It just seems difficult when we asked to think about it while co-ordinating something else as well..

First and foremost, never hold your breath when you lift weights. When people lift a very heavy not breathing could cause a heart attack, a hernia or a stroke, not to mention dizziness and fainting. When you strain and hold your breath, your chest is put under so much pressure that the blood in your veins can't return to your heart. You should apply this to your life, as well, when you're moving furniture or whatever else. Always breathe!

Keeping a healthy flow of oxygen in your bloodstream is one of the biggest favors you can do for your body. It improves your body's ability to function in many ways, ultimately helping you to lose weight. If you make a habit of breathing the right way from the onset, you'll maximize the benefits you get from weight training.

I hope I answered your question ..

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3/1/12 12:41 P

I think the reason to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth is to help you concentrate on correct breathing during your exercises.

As for resistance on your bike I'm not for sure. I don't ride bikes often.

JUNIPER366 Posts: 55
3/1/12 12:30 P

My personal trainer Is helping me remember to breath while I exercise. He says "in through the nose and out through the mouth". Why is that? Why not just breath through your mouth?

Here's a less silly question. I love to ride my bike. I have been getting my cardio on the gyms exercise bikes. I do interval training with resistance between 8-12. Does anyone out there know what number resistance would be the equivelant of riding a real bike on a flat surface?

Thanks!! 21 pounds gone!

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