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4/2/12 1:02 A

Sorry I haven't replied before now, but my week has been hectic and I have been very busy doing housework. I have finally set up a new goal for myself that I will share in the near future. I have to get the rough sections out of it first then I will post it ob a new thread for everyone to read and to reply too.

I want to let everyone know that my life has been going great so far because I have finally excepted my mother in laws death and i am on the mend now. I still think of her alot but how do you ever get over something like a death of a loved one. I even still think of my brothers because they to have died. My youngest brother died in 1980 and my oldest brother died in 2003. But with him the cops still haven't put his killer behind bars. My brothers will always be in my heart as long as I live.

I have tried a new recipe for supper the other night and I enjoyed it. I took boneless chicken breast and dipped them into a seasoning that I made myself and baked it in the oven and had baked potatoes and veggies with it.

The seasoning was made with the following

1 package of hamburger helper seasoning
2 Tbsp of Basel
1 Tbsp of parsley
1 tsp of thyme
1/2 tsp of onion salt

It is really good and works with boneless chicken breast, pork chops and chicken legs

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3/24/12 12:42 A


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3/23/12 11:06 P

Great! WooHoo!!!!

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3/23/12 12:49 A

Hi everyone just popping in to say that I had another great week of inspiration and motivation. I went for a long walk and cleared my head. I am now ready to face my fears of getting into shape and start by going for a walk everyday now since the weather is getting warmer here in Nova Scotia. I want to start going everyday at least 3 times a day because to me there is nothing more rewarding then seeing myself get better at feeling happier. I was depressed over the winter months because I couldn't do much in the way of walking. I started eating right and I even love t he taste of my foods that I cook. I have started eating greek yogurt and I love the rich taste of it too. I am happy to say that my youngest son even likes it as well.

Tomorrow I am going to walk for about 2 hours 3 times a day and do my zumba 2 times a day. I am going to have barbecue pork chops with potato salad and macaroni salad with veggies as well. I enjoy having BBQ food during g the spring and summer.

I have lost about a lb and a half over the past month and I know I can lose more.

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