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12/23/10 9:53 A

Holy cow CVOTER... I know it might be hard to find a new job matching your current pay, but man, I would have to get outta there. Especially the boss not being responsible enough to make it to his obligations that help the company and help you keep your job. That would be a bit concerning to me.

As for the pics, do you still have them? haha, jk!

CVOTER Posts: 50
12/22/10 12:13 P

My boss would go out and drink the night before an appointment and then skip the appointment because he had a hangover!

Another co-worker would take pictures of female employees butts, under skirts...and show the rest of the team.

Most of the team would leave for half a day leaving me to deal with all of the calls (complaints) and would not tell me where they were and would not answer their cell phones.

Our VP of Finance raised all of the rates on our customers. Even the ones that were under a contractual price.

Their motto was "(large cable company) was a great place to work!"

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12/22/10 11:27 A

Just because I'm the companies Graphic Designer does NOT mean that I:

Can fix your computer
Fix the projector
Set up Excel formulas for you

I'm a graphic artist, not a Audio Visual person nor am I in Tech Support...

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12/21/10 8:27 A

Send me assignments while on vacation.

12/20/10 2:12 P

"Try to 'one up' others..."

Oh yeah, I got one of those. That's so annoying. Some days I just want to go all fight club on him, but I would prefer to keep my job.

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12/20/10 1:15 P

The guy on the other side of the cube from me must talk to his kids on the phone for 2 hours every day. If it were business, it would be one thing. He plays mother hen and that just kills me.I guess his wife wears the trousers in that family :)

WALKINGTALL85 Posts: 1,063
12/18/10 7:49 A

Try to 'one up' others, get up the bosses a$$, and not minding their own business. Also, expecting respect but not showing any.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
12/17/10 9:06 A

Come in to work every day and bother me.

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12/14/10 10:16 A

How about not minding their business...

A coworker (she thinks she runs the office) told my boss, which isn't even her boss, that I was eating lunch at my desk and it isn't fair that they can't do that too. I'm a graphic designer and run my own department and pretty much come and go as I please and set my own hours. My work is always done and sometimes due to deadlines I just don't have the time to sit in the break room for 30-60 minutes and take a lunch break. So I eat while I print/design/cut down jobs etc...

Go. Away.

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12/12/10 12:08 P

breathe my good air

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12/10/10 2:43 P

What about the co-worker that sends you an email and 5 seconds later walks into your cube/office to ask you about it.

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12/10/10 2:17 P

KJ (first post):
Reminds of Stan's older sister on South Park - if you watch that show.

How about conversations that go like this:

"X" - Hey, what you all have going on this weekend?

Me - The wife and I are going to her work's Christma.... (get cut off)

"X" - Yea, tonight I'm going to take my wife/gf out for dinner and hopefully that ends up well if ya know what I mean, wink wink... The Saturday... (very long explantion of what they are planning on doing every minute of the weekend)... Well, gotta go! Nice talking to you.

Me - (thinking to myself) You. Are. An. Idiot. Next time tell the wall if you looking for a conversation with yourself.

haha, that drives me nuts! :)

12/10/10 6:33 A

YES! "Drive-By" Stories, too funny. They stop at the door of my office and start blurting out thier story and seemingly walk off without finishing it only to return and kinda pick up where they left off. This one time my co-worker stopped by to finish her story (it was only about a minute long) and then left, the problem was it wasn't ME who she told the first part of the story, LOL! But I'm sure the guy who had spaghetti thrown on him totally deserved it.

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12/10/10 6:24 A

always use the speaker phone not caring that the rest of us don't want to hear you call. I miss my private office.

then the six people that hit REPLY ALL with okay or thanks

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12/10/10 6:09 A

Send an email to me (and usually others .cc) when they share office space within 10 yards.
Do their email on their Blackberry while in a meeting.

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12/9/10 11:35 P

Tell stories that have no flow, have no idea what they are talking about, then they laugh and walk off. They come back and apparently their story has no end!

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
12/9/10 9:28 P

Slurping their food!! and that mouth guard thing is kinda creepy

40PLUSANDFIT Posts: 1,672
12/9/10 2:11 P

ewwwww.. thank you for that visual. Now I know I'll never get the mouth guard.

12/9/10 1:59 P

My next door co-worker wears a mouthguard, it helps her from not grinding her teeth but she told me her doctor wants her to only wear it at night......BUT, she doesn't, she wears it during the day. Okay, no problem, right, she's got a grinding teeth problem; however, she wears it while she's talking talking to me and I can't understand her then she'll slurp it out of her mouth, repeats what she says said then slurp it back in.....


You really gotta do it THAT WAY!?


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12/9/10 11:18 A

I kinda thought this would be a funny, ongoing thread.

I share a really big office with another guy (Pat). Pat is a good guy. I like Pat. His boss however is a tool!

His boss opens the door, comes in (he stores his Lifewater in Pat's mini-fridge), grabs a Lifewater, stops right in front of the door, gets in some weird stance like its high noon at a showdown, cracks it open, takes a loud slurpy drink and unleashes an "outdoor voice" Ahhhhhhhhhhh... Seriously?

And he left the door open, like always... which is fine I guess because I need more water anyway.

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