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6/22/12 5:02 P

This is why the 1200 floor is a floor for every woman of every size. Some people argue "but I'm slight, I don't need 1200 calories". Well, their energy equation may work out low, but their body still needs the same vitamins and nutrients as one that's heavier. And you don't get enough on less than 1200.

Vitamin overdose is real, but extremely unlikely simply from eating foods. It is really only likely if you are supplementing your diet with tablets as well.

Don't worry about it. :)

6/22/12 4:15 P

Your body has the same needs for vitamins and minerals no matter what your calorie intake. Which is why taking a general mutivitamin-mineral supplement like a centrum, one-a-day or similar store brand is recommended when on a weight loss diet; since you are eating less foods but still need the same amount of vitamins and minerals.

Your total cereal along with the rest of your food intake is in no way putting you at a toxic level for the vitamins and minerals.

However if someone is using this type cereal, plus other heavily fortified foods, plus supplements in larger amount....YES, it could bring about a problem.

Hope this helps
Dietitian Becky

6/22/12 3:14 P

I am new to tracking food values. Since I now know that too much can be dangers to my health, I would like to know if foods with vitamins added are absorb by the body the same as food with vitamins already naturally in. If a food claims to have 100% or 30% etc. of some mineral (usually based on 2000 cal die; I am only 1350 cal diet) is that the the percent absorb or because it is not naturally the absorption is less than stated. I've heard different information. Am I really getting too much vitamins from my cereal

I love Total Raisin Bran. I normally add a oz of almonds to it. I have it as a trail mix snack. Before I join SP I was like wow all my daily value in 1 bowl plus it taste great. To me that was a win win.

Now that I am using SP Food Track I notice that every time eat it or some of my other vitamin added foods that I love, my even though my calories, protein, carbs and fat are on target, my other nutrients are over especially my calcium and iron are over.

The other day I had Total with almonds, low fat milk. spinach and grilled chicken salad, salmon, broccoli and cheese rice. My calcium was through the roof.

I realize that having my raisin bran now and then won't hurt. However since most nutrition info in base on 2000 cal. I am just trying to figure out where my limit is. How can I eat it without going over. I don't want too switch brands.

Also can you drink too much water I drink about 8 - 14 cups a day

Thanks for any information and suggestion. If there are other post just point me to them.

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