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MSCLEM Posts: 4
11/10/11 6:34 P

Thank you for the suggestions!

I am trying to keep this dinner safe for everyone - all food can be eaten by all members. I don't want anyone to have to pick and choose what they can/cannot eat. This is very important to us.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
11/10/11 5:32 P

One idea I have for dietary-sensitive potlucks is to put an ingredient card on every dish. That way, everyone knows what they can and can't take.

There is a meat substitute called seitan, it's pretty much what the vegans love and the celiacs can't tolerate. (Seitan is boiled or fried gluten.) If you could find some volunteer ovens that would limit cross-contamination with the turkey, it would be ideal.

Anti-shellfish is pretty much a given for a midwest thanksgiving. The only thing I can imagine happening is shrimp cocktail for appetizer.

Roasting carrots, onions, apples, squash, potatoes, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes in separate dishes according to vegan sensibilities should please most people. Just label the real butter and sour cream to be identifiable from the vegan substitues. There is always gravy for the omnivores.

Have a bowl of brown rice or quinoa for the vegans and celiacs. Make the vegans aware of the roll recipe and try to keep bread away from the celiac-friendly food.

Is stuffing the turkey with onions and apples instead of bread going to offend anyone's diet?

Sorry, I don't know what PKU is.

Edit: from what little I gleaned from the internet... the PKU can lump in with the vegans as long as the food is "clean"

I also forgot pure boiled beans with acid added in the cooling process. They're more of a salad garnish without spices and meat added and a bit of stewing after the acid, but there are probably few diets that would turn away properly-stewed beans.

For dessert, I'm not sure. Just label the jello molds on whether they were made with knox, agar, sugar, or sucralose.

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MSCLEM Posts: 4
11/10/11 4:32 P

Anyone have any suggestions? Experience cooking for a PKU diet?

MSCLEM Posts: 4
11/8/11 10:31 A

Thank you! Most of the dishes I have in mind are full of sweet potatoes and squash!

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11/8/11 7:46 A

That is such a nice thing you are doing. I had never heard of PKU but it sounds very limiting. When I looked it up there were some forums and sites with recipes you may want to look on.
There was one for a sweet potato and apple dish that sounds like fall which it sounds like everyone could enjoy.

MSCLEM Posts: 4
11/7/11 11:29 P

I have a challenge for everyone!

I am a student at a major university and I have founded an organization for students with dietary needs, whether they be from religious reasons or medical conditions. We support each other, share resources, and educate the public about our needs. Our members are:
- Vegan/Vegetarian
- Lactose Intolerant
- Celiac
- Allergic to shellfish

I am planning a holiday dinner for the members. My main goal is to share a meal with each other where no one feels isolated, left out, or worried about any ingredients. Therefore, I am trying to plan a menu with foods that are vegan (encompasses egg allergies, lactose intolerance, and vegetarianism), gluten-free, and safe for those with PKU. It's a serious challenge!

Can anyone share some recipes I may be able to use? Even some inspiration? Thanks in advance!

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