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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/21/12 10:04 A

You could walk in a mall. Sometimes there are "mall walking" groups that meet.

Apparently (at least around here), there is a DVD that people use called Walk Fit, where you walk three miles and do exercises throughout with weights and stretch bands.

Even if you had access to a manual treadmill, that only responds to your movement, and doesn't necessarily make you go faster than your comfort zone; that may help.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,940
9/21/12 7:32 A

Personally for me, if my head and ears are cold, then I am miserable. So I would suggest a hat or headband for you as well as a scarf.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
9/21/12 7:00 A

There is a saying in the Pacific NW. "If you don't like the weather, wait a few hours. It will change." Having been jogging in all weather in all seasons in daylight and darkness for 40 years, I feel like an expert on the subject of dressing for all weather. I have jogged in ice, snow, (not sleet or freezing rain), thunderstorms and with temperatures down to 15 degrees or up to 85 degrees. In short, the trick is to layer, and be prepared to peel off, then put back on clothing as needed. Have a plan for a hot shower afterwards to warm up and dry off as needed. Depending on the area of the country, and how low the temperatures get, you can figure out how to, or how not to, bundle up for the conditions outside.

In cold weather, I pretend I am going snow skiing and dress appropriately. At about 40 degrees F., I call it is "two-hat and glove" day, since one pair is not enough. I cover my face well when below freezing using a base layer ski hat with my wool one on top of that. Though it rains much where I live 100 miles NW of Seattle, I seldom need a true rain slicker or rain hat. My polyproplene works pretty good.

I wear a lightweight biking jacket to protect from wind and rain. Its bright fluorescent color helps traffic see me on the road. I also wear an inexpensive reflector vest I purchased at a contractor/building supply store about 35 years ago. They sell in bike and jogging shops, but are too expensive there.

Normally for walking or jogging in rain or snow, a lightweight windbreaker works well over the multiple, and thin layers below. Check out ski shops, sporting good stores and lines such as such as REI, Columbia, Marrmott, Nike, New Balance, Sierra, and websites such as the Clymb and many more. You want thin base layers in cotton and/or wool blends for cold weather.

If there is too much snow, or it is too slick to jog and then below freezing and cold, I sometimes wear my old down coat and walk several miles. The down coat has to stay dry or I am miserable. Down is too hot in which to jog, but is OK for walking. On rare occasions as needed, I wear a windbreaker over the down to protect from wind and rain.

I rarely let weather keep me indoors from walking or jogging. It takes some figuring out and practice to figure out what to wear in any particular climate. I have never been lived where it gets below 15 degrees F., and don't even know what that is like. I might not be able to jog in winter if I lived in the midwest. But if skiiers can get out in the snow and ice, so can I, though I live at sea level and not the mountains.

I hope something written here helps someone.

ANDREAG89 SparkPoints: (27,515)
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9/20/12 10:13 P

Thanks for this topic! I'm loving my morning walks and am already visualizing the bundling up for the upcoming colder seasons.

Stay motivated with this thought - by the time Spring rolls around and we shed those extra layers, many of those extra pounds should be gone and the under-clothes will be smaller too!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (213,896)
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9/19/12 8:58 P

I don't walk when it's icy or raining hard - I use the treadmill those days; otherwise, layer clothes and wear something good on your feet.

9/19/12 8:09 P

Thanks for posting the article. I went out early yesterday morning and didn't layer enough and my arms were freezing. Appreciate the reminder on what to do!! emoticon

REBCCA SparkPoints: (415,970)
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9/18/12 9:59 P

Above is an article on how to dress for outdoor workouts.

I like to get in my mileage year round too. Enjoy!

DAVISFOX SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/12 8:28 P

Fall is almost here and Winter is coming. Are there any suggestions out there on the best way to handle dressing for the rain and the cold and still get the mileage?

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