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MRSB921 Posts: 82
8/19/12 9:46 P

my children tend to like the same thing repeatedly. im not a fan of preparing foods beforehand because for some reason, they sit around and never taste as good when we finally get to them. they have their choice of snacks when they come home, and they prepare the snacks themselves. i may definitely try this idea though, and simply put prepackaged foods in the bags (crackers and cream cheese, example). my children arent on any special needs eating plans and they are a healthy weight, so i can be more varied in what i give them. i may be able to introduce a few new snacks this way as well! thanks for the idea, i'm going to try it!

8/16/12 8:48 A

my kids are older and i buy lean cuisines and healthy choice pizzas and sandwiches and they snack on those

8/14/12 9:04 P

Similar to some other posts, there is a bin in our fridge labeled Juan's Snacks. My son knows that he can select from any of these one serving snacks (yogurt, carrots, string cheese, apple, etc.)

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,705
8/14/12 8:50 P

Best idea I heard all day PATRUCK42!
Thanks for sharing!

WALKFIT Posts: 2,118
8/14/12 7:51 P

Good idea! We use the same snacks but I like the idea of having them in single servings and in a set place so they aren't asking me where things are.

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8/13/12 5:41 P

Sounds like you are doing well. Keep it up.

PATRUCK42 SparkPoints: (10,596)
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8/9/12 11:44 P

I bought a small, deep, dish pan. I made up little snack packs in zip lock snack bags using all kinds of things. With black marker, labeled the dish pan -AFTER SCHOOL SNACKS.
Some of the things in them, baby carrots, grapes, stick pretzels, graham crackers, raisins, Craisins, cheese sticks, apple slices w/ lemon juice, sml granola bars, trail mix, sml cup of applesauce, peaches, fruit cocktail,etc I was working outside the home & knew when I got home, I had a little time to go from being worker to being Mom, then start supper. Oh, I didn't really care how many or what they ate, but I didn't make any more until the made ones were gone. I have 3 grown sons & they are all slender. They were also cross country runners in their youth. By having the snacks, they didn't eat anything that I had planned for a meal or a potluck. Milk & water were the drink choices. Occasionally juice.

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