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9/17/12 3:36 P

Because of the meds I take, I'm thirsty all the time. I drink 20 oz at breakfast lunch & dinner & at bedtime to take meds. Hang in there. Exercise is the hard thing for me because of fibromyalgia & arthritis.

TATHY49 Posts: 113
9/17/12 2:25 P

Hi !! everyone , for me it is very hard to drink water , I have to keep reminding myself about drinking my water . I don't drink sodas ,or juices , its just that water gets in my forget list sometimes .... emoticon

9/17/12 1:41 P

Hi! I made a conscious effort to switch to water a few years ago because all of the diet colas, etc. were not sitting well with my stomach. I can say, at least for me, that now I actually get to craving the water and not the sodas. In fact, I rarely drink anything carbonated anymore. It's usually either water or lemonade.

9/17/12 8:48 A

Some days water is a struggle for me too.. I do add a little juice, or crystal light to mine sometimes... just enough for a little flavor. I track my water here, and that encourages me to drink more too. I notice on days I may not get here, that I start slipping again.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/16/12 3:57 P

Hi, Sarah - welcome to the gang. This truly is a great group of people (if I say so myself). I hope you find the same warmth, support and inspiration here that so many of us have.

As for water, do track it - you'll find it useful over time to be able to look back at your consumption. I've found that, not surprisingly, the more aware I am of water consumption the more I actually consume. And the more I exercise, the more I drink, too, as I try to get in at least 1-2 glasses before plus 12-16 oz. during each workout.

Enjoy SP and your journey. You CAN lose that weight for the last time - and find fitness, health and strength along the way. emoticon emoticon

LADYJNAR SparkPoints: (28,932)
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9/16/12 1:59 P

Welcome Sarah! This is a great place for helping you to get fit and healthy AND to stay that way!

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9/16/12 10:03 A

Welcome!! This is a great place, with a lot of support! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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9/16/12 8:51 A

Good luck.

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9/16/12 8:44 A

i am Sarah and 54 years young..i want to loose weight for at least the 10th time in my life i have lost and gained the same 50-60 lbs so many times i cannot count ..this time my goal is 70 lbs and i want to loose it and keep it off..i found this wonderful site and i am loving it...this site really keeps me in tune with what i eat daily...water is huge and i struggle some days with my water..i have found the small 10 0z bottles are the best...i always keep them in the fridge and it makes drinking it so much easier..i love the support here..
Keep it up everyone
We can do it emoticon

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