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1/31/13 6:59 P

I love the addition of the perspective of "that's my wife, treat her with respect and love" Growing up I don't think I had that perspective, but I think that must be very important (my own parents divorced and not nicely)

1/30/13 6:02 P

Older thread, I see...but... some great advice that we were given as a young couple was to continue dating after we got married. While it is much easier when it was just the two of us, it became so much more important for us to remember to date once the kiddos came along. We have been married 20 years with one son in Basic Training in the Army and one daughter being homeschooled (she's 14).

I love my husband and am looking forward to the time when it will be just him and I, because we still enjoy each other's company and our lives don't revolve around the children. Don't get me wrong, we love our kids and can't imagine our lives without them...and we are enjoying having them at home (well, one at home now)...but they will grow up and move out and have lives of their own. When they are gone, I will still know who my husband is because we continued to date each other all through our marriage.

The kids heard their Daddy say "That's my wife...treat her with respect and love..." etc. He gave them a different perspective of me - I'm not just their Mom...I'm their Daddy's Wife. He is my biggest fan, even when I don't deserve it. :)

Best wishes for a joy filled marriage. :)

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10/15/12 10:00 P

According to the Bible, the man is the head of the household.

But just remember, the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head anyway she wants it to go.

Spoken from a family member who is a church bishop.

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10/11/12 11:06 P

Keep doing what you're doing. There's not any reason to change cause obviously she loves you just the way you are; otherwise she wouldn't be marrying you.

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10/11/12 5:21 P

Kiss her even when she says she doesn't want to be kissed. :)

When she asks you "why do you love me?", (and she will :) ) tell her something origional/special.

These are my two most important tips, this coming from a girl whose getting married next May to an amazing guy... after 6 years together. :) I'd say these things are relevant :D

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10/9/12 10:12 A

Be your wife's biggest enabler. Unless it's completely crazy, don't tell her she can't do something.

I come up with something new to do every month and my fiance and I both know it will never stick and that I just get bored and need new things. I usually give up in a week or two. But he never reminds me that I always give up or that I never finish anything. He always supports my decisions, even if they are a waste of money because I never tell him he can't golf or go out with his buddies.

Moral of the story: always always always be supportive. You are partners for life.

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10/9/12 9:50 A

any good advice or suggestions?

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