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9/3/12 2:43 P

I am steroid dependent and on every hormone medicine makes. My pituitary gland stopped functioning properly over 30 years ago and by the time the docs listened to me the entire thing was making little or no hormones. On top of that, my thyroid died at age 13 due to antibodies. They kept saying I had lupus which I did not. I had a thyroid antibody that wasn't discovered until the 90's. So I went a long, long time without thyroid hormones as well. I am enormous now and have a ton of adrenal belly fat.

I have found those chair leg lifts, where you sit in a chair and raise your knees up and down actually works great to help reduce the belly fat. I do them in the pool, because I have so many bad joints now from the steroid, I need no impact. I just got back on my recumbent cycler today for a whole 6 minutes to see if I could and made it through.

In addition to everything else, I require a lot of extra salt. You have no idea how hard it is to double your salt intake while eating good foods. UGH! I am determined to hang in there, but sometimes life seems overwhelming.

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1/9/12 2:07 P

I have an autoimmune disease as well so I know your weight loss frustrations. You are on the right track with your approach and hopefully your body will respond well. You might also find these articles helpful as well.

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Reference Guide to Body Composition
An In-Depth Look at Body Fat, BMI and More

Coach Tanya

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I never had the ideal metabolic rate. I am of German descent so much of my weight tends to go right to my stomach area; I am also short (5' 2") with a curvy figure even at a healthy weight...basically what I am trying to say is that I gain weight very easy. I love eating healthy and exercising so this was never a problem, not until recently. Two years ago I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, and went from 100 pounds to 150 pounds within the first year on steroid medication. When I became ill exercising also became challenging, and I no longer exercise daily; so not all of the weight gain I believe is from steroids. Going off steroids is not an option for me; but being unhealthy and over weight is not as well. Being over weight and being sick has made even walking difficult. Also it has really affected my self esteem. I still to date eat very healthy, yet that hasn't helped me lose that much weight. What I want to know is are there any foods, spices, herbs that have aided people on steroid medication to lose weight? Also are there any workouts people can suggest that will rid the abdomen fat many steroid patients suffer from? Or any advice?

Currently I find my biggest weapon against gaining more weight has been to eat foods that are considered low glycemic foods, and to try and regulate my insulin levels by staying away from insulin spiking foods (high glycemic) as well as by eating raw garlic (which has a component that will help reduce the amount of insulin released). Although I hope this helps, I have only been on this LG food diet for 5 days now and cannot say how much this will help.

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