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6/12/12 10:49 A

I know what you mean. You have to remember to learn to eat to live not live to eat! I had the same problem addictive personality just being happy for the moment instead of long turn happy! i have to say I finally made huge progress threw lots of discipline and self control. I quit smoking cigs after being addicted to them for 10 years today makes 105 days without them. I measure out all my foods and tally up my calories myself on paper, its ok to give yourself 1 every 2 weeks a day to go out with your friends and not add the calories and enjoy yourself a bit. other wise you might get burnt out on dieting, but i always say its not a diet but it has to be a lifestyle change. an d if you do go out to dinner to a chain check out the nutritional menu before heading there and know what your gonna order! pick healthy options grilled chicken, veggies etc. I have given up alcohol completely it is just so many empty calories. I would say maybe once in a while you can have a few drinks and when you do try to go with the light options. Once you start to see progress you will get more self discipline because it motivates you to stay on track. I wish you all the best remember take it one day at a time, eat healthy, exercise, and forgive yourself for slip ups here in there and get back on track instead of quitting. you can do this!!!!

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Good morning,

I am trying to deal with the fact that I have an addictive personality. Whether it is food, drink, whatever...I will tell myself that I will eat better, drink less, and other things, but the weekend rolls around, or friends want to go out and I throw it out the window. Despite the fact that I really want to meet my goal weight (10-12 pounds less), I let my urges and desires take over me, as if to say that the desire to be happy in the moment is more powerful than doing the right thing to be happy in the long run. Do other people have this problem? If so- do any of you have any suggestions on how to better fend off seemingly impossible temptations (for example: friends birthday happy hours, nights out on the town, lunches with co-workers, etc). This all extends even past my weight loss goal- I want to be happier physically and mentally, and being over indulgent in so many parts of my life isn't helping.


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