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PAMMCG9 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/8/10 9:15 A

thanks! I'm going to try it. I love Pbutter

SASSYLYN1956 Posts: 31
12/6/10 7:01 A

PB2 can be ordered online from Bell Plantation, and I know you can get it from I just ordered 12 jars of the regular and 4 of the chocolate. They are both delicious, and I can have PB everyday. Yes!!!

PAMMCG9 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (190)
Posts: 34
11/19/10 12:11 P

ISPAU22 did you order this "peanut butter" on line or find at a store?

OKIEGIRL4 Posts: 95
11/12/10 11:52 P

Where do you find the PB2 peanut butter???

BETHV10 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/11/10 10:25 A

I love peanut butter as well. I just try to limit it per week. I've never tried the low fat types. Guess I should.

BLIZZTEE SparkPoints: (0)
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10/11/10 2:46 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

AVMAURA SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/10 4:17 P

I have to eat PB every few days because my fat is always way down

TEAMMOM2U Posts: 17
10/10/10 9:29 A

That peanut butter honey apple sounds good. I am going to try that. thanks for sharing it. Linda

10/8/10 6:09 A

I love peanut butter aswell! I found a recipe posted by someone on sparkrecipes (whoever you are I love you!) which was just :
1tbsp peanut butter and 1tsp honey mixed together (put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it mixes really easily) and then just add a chopped up apple in and stir! Its sweet enough to stop a chocolate craving, I get my peanut butter and its fruit!

TEAMMOM2U Posts: 17
10/7/10 10:52 P

Jif is the best peanut butter. The flat belly diet has peanut butter one of the best breakfst foods. It is a mufa that lowers cholestrial.

HEAOK7111 Posts: 6
10/7/10 3:42 P

Jif Reduced Fat PB is the best freaking peanut butter I've ever had. I've started taking sarah lee delightful bread, toasting two slices, using 1 tbsp of the Jif, and 1 tbsp of Simply Tasteful Strawberry Rhubarb spread for breakfast. Delish!

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
9/27/10 3:36 P

I have found something that has helped me. Jiff has little individual cups in a bigger package. If I open a jar, I am a goner but I am happy with the one cup-

ISPAU22 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,389)
Posts: 22
9/18/10 11:38 P

Have you ever heard of PB2 peanut butter?? It is totally healthy, nothing but powdered peanuts only has 52 calories per serving and you mix just one serving at a time so you can't overeat. I LOVE it, tastes just like peanut butter, because it is real peanuts, just dosen't have the added oil, sugar, salt, etc.

LIZKING Posts: 781
9/18/10 9:16 A

i love peter pan reduced fat. the taste is the most like regular to me. and it's not expensive.

TAYLORELLIOTT2 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
9/15/10 9:08 A

Peanut butter is what Iuse for a quick pick me up at tennis matches which is why I am addicted! emoticon

9/14/10 7:02 P

Smart balance makes a much healthier pb. and they have improved the taste. it is made with flax oil instead of hydroginated oil witch is sooo bad for you. You guys are realy nuts about your pb!! emoticon emoticon

9/14/10 3:18 P

I too love the peanut butter. I have compromised by usually only having it in the morning on toast. I find that if I put it on the toast while it is hot it runs more and I can use about half the amount I normally would and still am satisfied.

SPARKLETHYME SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,411
9/14/10 1:03 P

TOTALLLLY adddicted to peanut butter! It's my worst food vice, so much so that I can't even keep it in the house. While I prefer not to banish a food, I know I can't resist its creammmmy, flavorrrrful, yummmmmmy--uh oh, think veggies thoughts! VEGGIE THOUGHTS!! emoticon

WEST92 Posts: 93
9/14/10 12:28 A

Try Almond Butter-it is actually much more healthy for you and tastes great.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
9/13/10 9:13 A

I too have had a hard time giving up my peanut butter. If I buy a jar- keep putting that spoon it to it. Have just started using Jiff individual cups. I do believe that works better for me. I will have one cup and be satisfied

9/13/10 2:44 A

I have moved peanut butter out of my pantry, and have found a reasonable substitute. I make a kind of hummus using chickpeas and raw peanuts. It has great peanutty flavor, is creamy, but has no added fat, no added sugar.

9/1/10 9:45 A

I am addicted to peanut butter too!! I can eat entire jars in less than a week (and that is with trying to controlled about it). Usually I try to use the 1 TBSP from my measuring set, and just get 1 scoop out and put the jar away, and other times I go through phases where I won't let myself keep it in the house. But I have tried the PB2 and the Better'n Peanut Butter and both were a decent substitute (but you can't beat the real thing). I wasn't really thrilled with Naturally More, cause it has a funny texture.

8/21/10 10:59 P

I use Naturally More, I can only find it at Super Walmart and for WW it only counts as 1Pt. per tablespoon! I just love it!!!!

8/21/10 7:38 P

OMG! I just checked out the website for the PB2..45 calories? yippee! going to order some right now! thank you thank you! I had given up pb and miss it tons. ooh can't wait for PB toast...

8/14/10 8:28 P

WOW I can eat it by the GALLON!! After a work out of any kind, my mouth just waters for it!! I know I will not be happy without my Jiff Natural Fix so I just make sure I leave room for it in my meal plan. Tablespoon with baby carrots taste just like CRUNCHY and you dont need to eat as much!!

STARFISH619 Posts: 952
8/12/10 7:12 P

I've been digging the Better N' Peanut Butter variety. Only 100 calories per serving! So guilt free, so good!

KSHELTON21 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,171)
Posts: 627
8/12/10 3:59 P

I get the Peter Pan Reduced Fat peanut butter. It's better than the regular peanut butter.

8/10/10 3:20 P

Naturally more is also a great option. It has flaxseeds and egg whites in it, so it is higher in protein and slightly lower in fat and calories than standard peanut butter. But I would really like to try PB2!!

LUZON49 Posts: 684
8/8/10 9:26 P

Have you tried PB2 from Bell Plantations? It is half the fat of regular PB
They also have a chocolate peanut butter (also half the fat)
It comes in powder form and is a decent tasting product. I would use it for cooking or to make a PB and jelly sandwhich. I don't think it is as good alone though. You might try mixing it half and half with regular PB to reduce the calories.

LINDA2BLITTLE Posts: 1,031
8/6/10 10:59 A

I used to hate the stuff. Now I can't get enough! Favorites: Apples, on wheat bread, in Cream of Wheat, I can go on...


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JNPRGR8T SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,125
8/4/10 7:19 P

Me too! Try PB2 emoticon

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,524
8/3/10 4:36 P

I like making "Snickers Ice Cream"

Tub of cottage cheese, tablespoon cocoa, little sweetner of choice and mix well. Top with 2 tablespoon Peanut butter and freeze for a while until starting to set.

-JUSTJEN- Posts: 32
8/3/10 1:53 P

I've switched to PB2 for the most part. However, if I really need a true Peanut Butter fix, I eat Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter.

BEACH_BUMM Posts: 549
8/1/10 6:37 P

I love almond butter YUMMY!

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
8/1/10 10:34 A

I have the same problem love the stuff. I do not buy jars anymore- I could eat most of the jar with a spoon. My local WalMart sells sliced apples with about a Tbs of peanut butter in a package. I buy a few packages and have satisfy my craving that way. I either put the peanut butter on the apple slices or on a slice of whole wheat bread and eat the apple slices plain.

RUSNELL4 Posts: 152
7/29/10 11:39 A

I heart PB. These are great suggestions. I had never heard of PB2, definitely worth looking into. I've never tried almond butter either -- although I am a fan of almonds so that is a possibility also. I just use Jif Reduced Fat PB....and I use about 1/2 TBS per slice of bread. I love my PB toast!

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
7/29/10 9:15 A

I also love sharing my peanut butter with my lab. She sits and licks and licks. but we both love it!

FOCUSEDCYN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,343)
Posts: 87
7/14/10 4:01 P

Love peanut butter...these are all great suggestions

7/13/10 12:57 A

WOW! I too am a Peanut Butter aholic. I could sit and eat the whole entire container (16oz) in one seating all by myself. You all gave such wonderful advice. First of all, I NEVER knew PB came in powder form that you just added water. Second of all, I have NEVER heard of chocolate PB. But they say you learn something new every day. Look at that, I learned two new things out of one message. AWESOME! emoticon
And you mentioned that you can grind your own using Cashews or Almonds. That is a fabulous idea. I never gave that a thought.
Thanks So Much for Everyone Wonderful Suggestions!

REDFLAME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (64)
Posts: 2,008
7/8/10 4:59 P

A couple of suggestions:

switch to Adams, No stir, no sugar added peanut least it is healthier (no stir because personally I cannot handle the oil on the top)

Go to the health food store and grind your own, in small batches, no perservatives, pure nuts

Better yet grind cashew butter or almond butter, healthier than peanuts.

Nuts are a great source of omega 3's, some are better than others. Fat is not a bad thing, it is needed, just in moderation.

THETHESPIAN Posts: 1,518
7/8/10 2:27 P

I can eat peanut butter by the spoonfuls!

7/8/10 12:22 P

I try not to have it at all because once I start I can't seem to stop. I bought a natural peanut butter which has excess oils at the top of it and I put that jar way in the back so that I have to reach for it..since I've done that I have controlled myself from eating the entire jar in one sitting.

CHERILYNB1 Posts: 32
7/6/10 11:55 P

Oh my .. my daughter is addicted to PB.. I can't get her to stop... Thankfully she's young, fit.. and eats a healthy Vegan diet otherwise..

JOELLEN810 Posts: 14
7/6/10 2:58 P

I too am a Peanut butterholic. Since begginning sparkpeople i have done the following: On a toasted Thomas'light multgrain english muffin I spread 1.5 tsp of pb on I then add banana slices. The heat from the english muffin makes the pb all gooey so it seems like more than it actually is. This is my new favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Edited by: JOELLEN810 at: 7/6/2010 (14:58)
LUZON49 Posts: 684
7/6/10 7:21 A

PB2 also makes a chocolate peanut butter powder! Very good.

FLGIRL_83 Posts: 5
6/28/10 8:09 P

My husband turned me on to Smuckers Natural PB w/Honey. 10 calories less than most PB and of the All Natural PB, it's one of the yummiest! Only four ingredients Peanuts, Honey, Sugar and Salt.

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (35,248)
Fitness Minutes: (40,604)
Posts: 1,534
6/27/10 11:32 A

Look up PB2. I think it's made by Bell Plantation. It's to die for. It's a powder form, that you add water to, so you eliminate all the calories and fat from oil. If you search the spark message boards, you should find some user feedback on it. Most people love it.

RGDSGAL SparkPoints: (57,801)
Fitness Minutes: (12,668)
Posts: 1,156
6/25/10 9:42 P

I love peanut butter also, but I only have it now on celery almost every day or two so it is at least semi-healthy and it takes care of my craving for it.

60SIXTY Posts: 25,074
6/25/10 9:17 P

First, I would switch to a sugar free brand.
You might be craving the added sugar, more than the peanut butter.
Then, I would see if I can cut the fat somewhere else.
I would also measure the peanut butter. Maybe only put a thin layer on 4 crackers to get my fix.

I have switched to soy butter because it is easier to find sugar free in my locale. Now, I am hooked, but not like I was the other.

HEYJUDE71 Posts: 23
6/25/10 1:32 P

I am having a problem giving up my peanut butter! I have tried to incorporate it in my meal plans, however, the fat content is so high it throws off the rest of the day! Does anyone have some ideas on ways to cut the fat or things to mix with the peanut butter to make it seem like more and be filling? I love to make peanut butter balls, but they throw off the fat meter as well. Any and all advice is welcome!

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