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NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
5/4/12 11:11 A

I am rocking the workouts and the eating this week :) And the scale is working with me :) Lost so more weight and I definitely look leaner. Feels good :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
5/1/12 6:48 P

Well put fairfields :) I love it! That is something very important to strive and improve on :)

FAIRFIELD3 Posts: 213
5/1/12 1:46 P

I commit myself to constant and never-ending improvements in my life and in the lives of others! You all can do it too!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
5/1/12 1:40 P

Only Tuesday and i have gotten 2 powerful workouts and 2 great 6k runs in! Feeling strong and just as I guessed water weight. Even lost an extra 1/2 lb for food measure :)

4/30/12 4:10 P

Glad you had a great time, sounds so relaxing! And staying on par with eating = perfect! All is good here, maintaining healthy eating! Will write you more later

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/29/12 6:24 P

Back from vacation and we had such a good time. Every trip to Myrtle Beach as a family seems to get better and better. And I stayed on track with eating (at least 90% clean) and exercised 6 out of the 7 days there with a combination of strength training, cardio and lots of running. Even took my run outdoors on our last day.

All in all a success and minimal damage on the scale. Just 1 lb up and I imagine it is water weight. So on ward with good food decisions :)

Missed you Debi. How have you been doing?

4/23/12 11:42 A

Welcome! You can do this!! Look forward to getting to know you

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4/23/12 11:32 A

Good Morning-
I am just starting my journey - I single mom that needs to remember that it is okay to make time just for me! Easier said than done - here I go!

4/23/12 9:27 A

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! We had a busy weekend of landscaping and building a rock retaining wall. Here's to a new week starting off!
Do you leave this week for your trip?

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/18/12 8:15 A

So change of plans. Looks like we are leaving a day earlier for vacation :) Figure we can make a pit stop in Greensboro, NC and spend the day. We were originally thinking Richmond, VA but changed our mind b/c we have decided to leave at 5am Thursday instead of mid-day which gives up more daytime driving hours. Wooohoooo!!

Got up this am and day a fullbody circuit and 35 minutes of cardio. I probably will not get a workout in til Sunday so figured I better make every second count with this one. And I did!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/17/12 11:44 A

Hi Debi - I feel supported posting on her, even when you may not frequently post :) LOL I know you have been busy at home with hubbie and the kids. Along with building your business. i would be worried you had too much time on your hands if you posted too frequently :)

I know what you mean with the eating. It is by the hardest part. Eating enough, eating too much, giving in to non-portion items. I understand this all to well. but we will keep each other accountable.

I got in 50 minutes of cardio this am. Hit the treadmill hard for 20 minutes and biked for 30 minutes in 10 minute intervals. Kept my heart rate up which was nice. Hoping to repeat it again this week. I love lifting that I have to squeeze the cardio in. Makes for a lghter workout which we all need once in a while :)

Enjoy the gardening. You gotta posts some pic

Hi Patti -- thanks for stopping by. Looks like you have come along way yourself in the last few years. Losing 50lbs is a great accomplishment. I know I was 161 lbs just over 6 years ago and it was hard to get the weight off. I'm 5"1 so being in my 160's was not a comfortable time in my life. So maintenance is important and almost as challenging as losing the baby weight

PATTIMET Posts: 657
4/17/12 9:49 A

Great job. Hope you have been able to keep up the great work.

4/17/12 9:39 A

You have been so good at writing to me -- I'm sorry! Last week was tough with hubby on vacation! I have been playing catch up these past couple of days but doing a lot of gardening -- great way to burn calories & work those muscles!
Sounds like you have been rocking it lately! Keep up the hard work!

I need to keep planning for my diet -- that is my weak area! But it will all come together - in due time!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/16/12 11:35 A

Been a productive morning. My daughter clothes are all packed for vacation and so are mine minus my workout stuff. I still need them for the week :)

I did Making the Cut Day 11 today along with 35 minutes of cardio. It was a light workout burning 350 calories but it felt good just the same to just get it done :) Just finished enjoying lunch and getting ready to sit down with some tea and do some crafty stuff with my daughter this morning :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/16/12 7:17 A

So on Friday I was very disappointed in myself for the 1.4llb but after a WEEKEND it is gone. Now for me this is hard because on weekends its easier to blow the diet and this weekend with a combination of my period and out of town guests and eating out due to my sisters baby shower will .... I feel the odds where not in my favour I would loose. But lose I did. Not only the original 1.4lb but inches too!!!

I made sure I ate as clean as I could at the shower and stuck to the salad and roasted chicken. I looked at the battered fish and though ... possibly deep fried. I had red chocolate velvet cake with the richest fondunt icing. But it was so good and I keep it portion control. I had a 5k that morning and hit the gym on Sunday as well.

So back to 106.0 lbs :)
Waist was the same at 23.75
Navel went from 25.5 to 24.75 (-1/2")
Butt/Hips went down 34.0 t0 33.75 (-1/4")
Right thigh stayed the same at 19.5
Left thigh went down from 19.5 - 19.25 (-1/4")

So I am back on track. Vacation is this coming Friday and although I don't think i will hit my 103-104 goal, I'm going to try and get closer. :)

Additional cardio this week with a couple of extra 20 minutes sessions in the evening and good old plain clean balance eating

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/15/12 10:59 A

Vacation is just days away!! Days :)

I had a great 5k run in under 30 minutes

This morning I was at the gym and burned 4800 calories with circuit training and 35 minutes on the cross trainer. Clocked in 75 minutes and I feel strong. Really tightening up the eating, upping the cardio and looking for a leaner physique that I can be proud of on the beaches :)

I am feeling really good :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/13/12 7:28 A

Surprise Surprise -- up a 1.4lb!! Well I am not surprised at all.

Pretty disappointed but I am not in the dark as to why. I am going to be on TOM so that maybe contributing to it -- but I know it is the eating. So back to no chocolate!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/12/12 4:41 P

This morning was a rough morning ... But I made the commitment to the gym and did another MTC circuit along with 35 minutes of additional cardio.

I have a weight in day tomorrow -- and I can tell it is not going to be close to my goal weight. The chocolate did it i am sure of it :( My fault. And of course, no matter how bang the workouts are if the food isn't clean well progress will be slow. Oh well. Truth be told tomorrow ......

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/11/12 8:24 A

This morning I decided to skip the weights and circuits and just jump on my stationary bike. 45 minutes and some light abs. Good sweat overall and perfect way to start of day. :)

9 our days till our road trip :)

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NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/10/12 12:20 P

Sounds like you had a great weekend with the family Debi. You kids must have had a blast this Easter together. It was strange this year, I watched Madison do a Easter hunt on her own, enjoy her gifts by herself and it broke my heart watching her blow bubbles all by herself. It was kinda of sad. I'm not sure why I never realized before ....

Not sure if it is because of the newest addition to our family Brayden (my nephew) but I realized Madison is never going to be an aunt ... She'll never have a niece or nephew. And it made me re-think this only child thing. So Paul and I talked and we are ready to give
our sweet girl a sibling. So that'll be in the works soon. I'm excited and hopeful that I can conceive..... I hope.

Today I did another Making the Cur circuit Day 8 and did 30 minutes of cardio, burning over 540 calories. Had a good workout, even though my sleeping was a little off. And I know why -- its brown and creamy and has tons of calories!!!! CHOCOLATE!!! So all the chocolate is put away, out of sight and no extra calories eating crap.

So clean eating in full effect.

How have you been girl? I didn't wanna mention it but you have been kinda quiet over here ;)

4/9/12 12:05 P

WOW Nancy you are doing GREAT girl!!! Keep it up! Hope you had a nice weekend -- I'm starting the week off slow -- will get some cardio in but feeling sluggish right now -- must be the weather. The kids & Chris are off this week so it's nice having less pressure of needing to get stuff done :-)

Let's push this week strong! We have got this!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/9/12 8:42 A

Start of a new week and I am head strong about shredding an additional 1.4lbs by the 13th. Time to dig deep and avoid any kind of lingering chocolate treats. Workouts have to be furious as well as the last 5 lbs are always the hardest. :)

This morning I burned over 500 calories with my Day 5 of Making the Cut. Plan is to get a run in this evening even if it is just a 5k. Just a few additional calories burned daily will help with a successful weight loss on Friday. As long as I keep on track with my calorie intake and food selection. Looking forward to a powerful week :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/7/12 7:48 A

So I decided today to do measurements because tomorrow is a busy day and I want to do measurements before a cheat meal. Mind you my eating hasn't been super tight buy i have been eating more greens and cycling out my carbs a bit. My short-term goal was to lose 1.5 lbs in 6 days. Well I did my measurements on April 2, 2012 and now 5 days later I am down 2lbs!!!

I lost 2 more lbs in 5 days :) Theses short-term goals are really working for me!!! So My next way in will be Friday morning April the 13th - SHORT TERM GOAL 1.4LB WEIGHT LOST!

I lost inches also :) 0.75 total inch lost, 1/2 inch on the small of my waist and 1/2" on the butt/hips. Specific measurements below

April 2 Apr 7
Weight 108 106 2lbs -
S of W 24.25 23.75 0.5" -
Navel 25.5 25.5
Butt/Hips 34.25 34.0 0.25" -
RT 19.5 19.5
LT 19.5 19.5

Again, main focus is the lower body so no upper body measurements needed.
So new goal weight in 6 days 104.6lbs. And of course another 0.50-0.75 inch lost total in the 5 sites I am focused on. Clean eating and carb cycling definitely on the agenda. I am going to inco-operate no eating after 8pm as well for the next 6 days. I generally stick to this rule but sometimes I have been known to be a late night snacker ....... I'm not going to change much because what i am doing is working so do not need to make any drastic changes :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/6/12 11:28 A

Slept in til 7:30am and it felt great!! After a small meals I got in my running gear and ran 11k!! 11K in just under 45 minutes I did not have my watch (low battery) so unsure of pace. But I will be doing that route again and challenge myself to match or beat that time :)

Great start to a FRIDAY!!!

What are your plans for Easter Debi? Easter hunt on the agenda with the kids I am sure .....

Happy Easter!!

4/5/12 4:13 P

WOO HOO Nancy! Way to go at rocking it! Sticking to my meals -- that is key right now for me!!!

Hope you are having a great day!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/5/12 10:30 A

Thursday AM workout rocked. I burned over 520 calories doing Jillian Michael's Making the Cut day 2. And I did it at the gym. I modified the crab walks. No way I was doing that at the gym. LOL Looks pretty crazy, but everything in the circuits I did. I did an additional 25 minutes of cardio also.

Feeling good. I have been on a roll with the workout and the eating has been good, except for the splurge on the chocolate eggies. I think my short term goal of losing 1.5lbs by Sunday is gonna happen. I can feel it and see it in my mid-section. Starting to look leaner. The beach in South Carolina is calling my name:)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/4/12 8:29 P

Eating I think far out ways the workouts when it comes to seeing change in your body. The sweat helps believe me, but without the clean eating what is the point?

I took a day off from the gym but got a quick 5k tonight and it felt good. I have been laying of the scale because I want to see a significant change when I step up on it Sunday. There is going to be a change. I can see it my abs leaning out a bit. Making the Cut 2 on the agenda for tomorrow and a run with a friend in the evening. Chocolate is now under control :)

4/4/12 2:53 P

Hey girl -- how is it going? I'm going strong although my workouts have kind of been pushed to the back burner. But that is ok, as long as my diet is on par. Trying to get things caught up! Chocolate - such an evil thing, huh?

Hope all is well -- let me know how those workouts are going

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/3/12 7:47 P

My workout this am was furious -- my eating was not. Fell right into the mini egg. Sad but true. I should have just given up chocolate for Lent :(

Back to the drawing board with my meal planning ........ emoticon

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/3/12 7:17 A

So I have decided to set shirt-term goals. mostly weekly short term goes with my weight loss. Seeing as I will probably weight in Sunday morning - 6 days since my last weigh in I am aiming for 1.5 lb weight lost. I am going to manipulate my caloric intake and see how far that gets me. I need energy to get me through my workout so I will have to carb cycle in order to not hit a brick wall.

So Today will be moderate calorie intake and tomorrow maybe a baseline, keeping my activity low. I'll take the next 2 days and see how it goes. Of to the gym for some cardio and a run later tonight as I promised my run buddy I'd be ready for her at 7 pm.

Looking forward to today and seeing what my body can do. The plan is also to stay off the scale and just judge how I look and feel at least for the next 6 days :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/2/12 6:38 A

So I decided to do measurements and weigh-in 1 day earlier. Hard to do measurements after the weekend, especially since I follow my eating plan a little loosely. And it's nothing major but everything little things adds up.

Saturday we went to the a Maple Syrup festival and had some flavoured maple almmonds - you can imagine how tasty that was :) And yesterday at the movie theaters I ad a few handful of movie popcorn ( even thought I told myself I would not) and unportioned nuts to me is the enemy which happened last night. So no excuses, but it is time to tightened up the diet. So I figured Sunday would probably be a more lax day with eating so I would do measurements today and than Sunday morning.

So here are my measurements: In 6 days I lost 1.2lbs. Ok I'll take it but I want more. :)

Waist 24.25 (same)
Navel 25.25 (down 1")
Hips/Butt 34.25 (same)
Right Thigh 19.5 (same)
Left Thigh 19.5 (sam)

So 1.2lb lost and down an inch in the 5 sites I targeted. Not concerned with my upperbody -- lowerbody is my main focus.

So tracking food going forward. That will be key for me :)

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NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
4/1/12 10:39 A

Clocked in 50 minutes of cardio this morning at the gym. Felt strong. Feel even better now that I have showered and had my second meal of the day. Just past 10:30am and I feel so accomplished. Now to get ready to see a 11:30am movie with Madison. Mirror Mirror is her choice :) Should be fun.

Hope you are having a great weekend Debi

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/31/12 10:29 A

Morning workout complete and just finished my supped up oatmeal :) Whey protein and oatmeal if you hadn't guessed. I got in a great leg workout followed by a 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. Stretching felt sooooooo good!!

Now cleaning eating in on the agenda for the rest of the day! Hard on the weekends, but i haven't kept it super tight to justify a cheat meal .... yet :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/30/12 6:32 P

So that workout this am didn't happen but my house is clean :) I got y gym clothes on with every intention to get in a workout and I wasn't feeling it. So I figured instead of getting in a crappy workout I would take a recovery day. I worked out hard Tues, Wed and yesterday. So i will be gym bound both Saturday and Sunday morning for sure!!!

Eating has been good. Having some tea in hopes of getting through to meal 6 in less than an hr from now, Been snacky but have made sure there is nothing snacky bad in the house :) Even my rice cakes, all 26 calories and 0mg sodium are healthy. LOL Making good choices. Hopefully I will see a drop on the scale. My weight in days are Tuesday so I'll keep you posted.

I have been on here periodically throughout the day and have seen some great Vblogs. Makes me want to blog. I mean if people are going to see me stripped down in a bikini than i gotta stick and not cheat right?? I appreciate and admire the sparkers that can just put it out there!! Good for them ......

I may need some hand holding if I take that leap and vblog :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/29/12 11:08 A

Hey pretty lady -- one day closer to Friday. Yeah!!!!!

I got to the gym after dropping Madison at school and beat up my legs a little more followed by chest and back. Clocked in 25 minutes of cardio including my warm-up. So checked off workout off of my things to do today list :) Felt good

Now after a shower and post-workout meal I am off to do some groceries.

And i got concert tickets to John Mellcamp when they come preform here at the GM center in July. Not my type of music but the husband has always wanted to see him and we got access to pre-sale tickets so I figured I'll humour him.... He's so good to me :)

Well hope your having a good day Debi. Check in later

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/28/12 10:46 A

BTW I have a weight loss goal. Have tried not to jump on the scale because I know my poor carb habits have been bad and well lack of sleep and being over tried have not help. So I thought i would start fresh. Today 108.6. Yesterday i was 109.2. Goal 102lbs. I'm ok even with 104lbs at least til vacation which is 24 days away. Yikes!!!

But I can do it. First to get in more cardio daily and secondly to start manipulating my cars at bit

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/28/12 10:05 A

Good morning Debi :)

I slept in til 7am which I never did and was kinda of thinking of skipping a workout as I like to workout before Madison is up. But after a shake and digesting it for a bit i head downstairs and ran for 5k followed up by 15 min on the stationary bike. So cardio is done :)

I am going to try and do strength training every other day instead of doing it 3-4 days in a row. I find that wears me out and than I have a crappy workout and than that effects me negatively :) So I'll switch it up. Besides looking to lean out - the cardio will help.

Sounds like everything is under control there. Don't let the wet weather stop you :) I know you can fight harder than the grey weather.

3/28/12 8:46 A

Glad you had an awesome day yesterday! I did too -- on track with my eating & great workout.
Today I'm kinda of moving slow - I think because it is damp & rainy here. But I'll get a workout in!

Here's to a great Wednesday!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/27/12 7:06 P

So glad to see you on here. Thanks for stopping by. Now we both have to stay committed and accountable.

I am hoping to weather warms up soon because I would like to start taking my runs outdoors and becoming an avid runner. I may even have a couple of running partners in the making :)

Today was a really good day. I go things checked off my to do list and had a productive day. Now to unwind a bit tonight, hopefully watching some tv with my husband. I haven't done that in what seems like ages during the week :)

3/27/12 2:40 P

Love it Nancy!!!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/27/12 2:19 P

No one can stop me now. I a accountable for my own actions and my own success.
Today I headed to the gym after dropping off my daughter and had a great leg and shoulder workout followed by 20 minutes on the stair climber. I sweated up a storm burning over 440 calories. No to keep my eating clean and keeping my stress level low. If I can control my stress tan I can control any emotional eating :)

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