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5/29/12 5:44 P


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5/26/12 2:45 P


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5/26/12 11:44 A

Blue skies

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5/25/12 11:46 A

That must be nice! The people around here dont even stop when I am waiting to cross the road! Good for all of you who have encouraging neighborhoods!!! Keep up the GOOD work!!!

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5/23/12 10:20 A

I walk two times everyday. The people who are driving, they share a wave with me. Regardless if I know them or not! emoticon

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5/22/12 8:33 A

woo hoo!!! its things like that that keep one going..i have a quarter mile "track" around my back field and go out and limp around it every day. One very rainy sunday morning at 7 am i was finishing up and walking down the property line towwards the road. a red pickup stopped...the man rolled down his window and says..i see you out here EVERY day rain or shine cold or warm even in the snow!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! rolled up his window and drove on but it TOTALLY made my day!!
So glad this happend to you...YAY!!!

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5/22/12 7:11 A

While walking around my neighborhood, someone drove past me and at the corner gave me a fist-pump out the window! I couldn't make out who they were, but it sure was nice that they were so encouraging!

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