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7/19/12 2:13 P

Could also be related to how you are breathing. Try to take slow breathes, 2-4 counts in and out. Its kind of hard to do when you are running or walking really fast, but if you concentrate on the breathing, it can help.
Be careful of the water if you are running. I know you need to stay hydrated, but I have discovered if I drink more than a sip and start running I will get a cramp. I drink before I go out and rarely get more than a quick drink until I am done with my walk/run.

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7/19/12 2:12 P

Thanks, that was really interesting. All of the modern medicine, and no one knows for sure what causes cramps? Weird.

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7/19/12 2:00 P

There's no single cause of cramps; the usual culprits are the timing of your meal, and proper hydration. A glass of water following a cup of coffee may not be the best choice; Maybe take some water with you and drink every 10-15 minutes, see if that helps?

Here's an article that has some theories and suggestions for dealing with it:

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7/19/12 1:51 P

I walk my dog every morning, about a mile up and down hill on my road, and have been for months. About two weeks ago I increased the intensity of our walk: walking at a quicker pace, alternating walking and jogging. I'm am a very poor runner, but the first few days everything was fine. I was coming back winded, but that's all.

For the last two mornings, about half way through, I've gotten a pretty bad cramp in my side. It's not like I've never gotten a cramp before, and yesterday I blamed the running and thought little of it. But today, I hadn't even started jogging yet. I had only walked a quarter of a mile at a farily brisk pace, and got the cramp again.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Or any suggestions on how I can prevent it? The cramp persisted through the entire walk this morning and that was pretty annoying.

Not sure how much of this is relevant, but just in case it's helpful. I'm not in very good shape, but steadily improving. I drink coffee every morning and eat a light breakfast, usually a banana and a granola bar. I take my walk about an hour later, after drinking a glass of water. My TOTM is a few days late (I'm 1000% positive I am not pregnant) and I'm blaming it on my increased exercise. Sorry for the overshare, but I'm curious if that could be the cause. Retaining water or something?

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