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10/23/10 6:06 P

Thanks for the feedback, I will pass it along!

Coach Denise

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10/23/10 5:04 P

I ALWAYS add those who have added me to my SparkFriends list. But now that I have hundreds of people in my page, it's becoming more difficult to maintain a consistent and personal connection with certain SparkFriends.

Does anyone else have that issue?

The perfect compromise to managing friends would be a feature on SP that would allow you to put SparkFriends in groups. When I used to be on MySpace (and Facebook too?), there was a feature where you could put friends in groups that you created. You could name the groups, so you could put a group of friends who were classmates as "Study Buddies" for example. It was a great way to stay organized and not have to go through a ton of friends on your page to find who you were looking for.

That feature would also work because we could have as much people as friends to the SP list as possible, but still maintain the close bonds we have with certain people on SP. We wouldn't have to reject anyone or worry about FriendFeed overload since we would each have a pre-selected private group of people who we connect with on a regular basis!

Best of both worlds :)

Note: I will post this on other SP message boards. I want that FriendList feature!

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