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7/25/12 4:15 P

Hi I understand!! Check out my website Go onto the video and give me a call if this sounds like something you would be interseted !!! My name is Liz Im also doing the 90-day challenge! A couple of my friends are doing this and ive seen amazing results!! 203 510-3257 Liz I have a challenge party this Sat.July 28th at my home 11am if you are interested as well! And you can bring as many friends as you like!! let me know by Friday!! Thank You!!

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7/25/12 2:54 P

Um..... This is the 2nd time i've seen this. Can you tell me more info about it? I'd like to know more before I sign up. I'm very leery about signing up for things that really don't tell me much on the website.

Thank you!!!

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7/25/12 9:18 A

Hi Im Liz I Just Found Out About A 90-Day Challenge That I Am Starting!!! My Goal Is to Lose 30-45 pounds!!! You Have to hear About This!!! For more info call Liz 203 510-3257 There is a 90-Day challenge party at my home Sat. July 28Th 11am Join me in this challenge!!

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