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9/11/12 10:11 A

Amen to that. I am aware that most of us, when being involved with such situation as 911, would run to safety. That is common nature. But not our heroes. They instinctively ran INTO THE INFERNO.

What brave and wonderful people we have in our military and first responders. May God bless them all and comfort their suriving families.

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9/11/12 9:34 A

Thank you to the vets, firemen and all others who serve us.

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9/11/12 8:54 A


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9/11/12 8:45 A

My prayers are with the families who lost loved ones on 9/11. So many firefighters, and others trying to help get people out of those buildings, God Bless them all. A day that will never be forgotten. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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9/11/12 8:45 A

I have family members who serve. I will never forget them, or the soul's lost on that horrific day. My nephew is training to be a police officer in New York.

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9/11/12 8:39 A

I do believe Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are still great days to honor our current and past military. September 11th is different.

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9/11/12 7:58 A

Thank you for all who serve our country in uniform!

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
9/11/12 6:19 A

Definitely will not forget the VETS and every one affected by the attacks.

9/11/12 1:20 A

The night before 9/11. 110 Flights of stairs is not enough I am sitting here thinking. I am doing 1 flight for each of the 343 Fallen Firefighters that were lost 11 years ago. The pain that will be felt after is NOTHING compared to what you all gave. I honor you tomorrow with all I have to give. What all my legs and lungs will give, even when it gets hard and hurts, I know I can dig deeper and go stronger and will finish 343 flights strong for you all!

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9/13/11 12:12 P


THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
9/13/11 12:11 P

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has touched many Lives but sadly there will be no happy homecoming for many of our soldiers. There will be no hugs, kisses, or tears of joy. There will be no celebrations with family or friends or church services to attend. There will be no more holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays to share. There will be no watching a son or daughter being born or watching them grow. There will be no hugs or kisses good night, good morning or the security of a warm comfortable bed to sleep in. There will be no waking up to the smell of breakfast or stepping outside to feel and smell the wonders of a bright and beautiful spring morning.
No vacations, trips to the malls, grocery shopping or leisure time. There will be no helping a friend or Loved one in their time of need. No volunteering at churches, schools, hospitals or raising funds for a worthy organization. The Ultimatum Sacrifices in the Name of Freedom and Liberty. emoticon

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9/13/11 3:25 A


9/13/11 2:03 A

Good point, Dave! Thanks for the reminder, and for your service. May God bless and protect all those who protect us.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/12/11 5:34 P

Thanks to all of our veterans. Also to those who did not make it home or came home in pieces either physically or emotionally. emoticon

I appreciate the efforts of our allies from around the world and the demonstrations of support yesterday. I was particularly touched by the French remembrance of the occasion. Merci.

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9/12/11 3:51 P

I tried to post this yesterday but I couldn't lol Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I am amazed at how much support I am finding on here. ive served two tours in iraq as an intensive care medic.

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,192
9/11/11 4:44 P

Have always been thankful for our vets & will also not forget the firefighters & police who died to help save people on 9/11

God Bless America

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
9/11/11 3:29 P

thank you.......To all that serve in the armed forces.......And to all of the firefighters and police officers that work so hard for this great country.

LAUROBNAT Posts: 217
9/11/11 2:08 P


I will never forget and thanks to all those who serve!!

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
9/11/11 1:23 P

I am a proud American and I will never forget what happened to our nation on 9/11 and I will never forget what sacrifices the troops and their families are making even today to keep us safe. Many thanks and love sent their way. emoticon

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9/11/11 12:22 P

I had so many family members in the service in WW 2. They are all gone now. But unfortunately, there are many younger men and women today taking their places overseas. Another young friend of our family is entering the ranks this next week. There was a going-away party for him yesterday. He will leave his wife and two small children behind. Let's also remember to honor the families our men and women leave behind.


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9/11/11 12:12 P

I can still remember the vets whom served in the 1st and 2nd world war at the returned services club my step father and his father belonged to.. WW1 old timers are all gone now.. War was tough much harder on every able bodied man back then and their families.. Many gave their husbands and their teenage sons..

I lived next to the grave yards it was kms of white crosses row upon rows.. Remember them too, many of them were nothing but kids, scared to death, given a helmet and a gun.. Remember every person whom has given their lifes for the word FREEDOM..

What we have is sometimes given at a high price by others.. Thank everyone whom let their men walk out doors.. Everyone is missed..

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9/10/11 3:26 P

Thankyou, I served with honor and pride and have ne regrets about any of it. If I was young enough I would be over there with those now serving

GLOW8211 SparkPoints: (69,786)
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9/10/11 3:23 P

DAVE thank you for serving and to all our Vets THANK YOU!! I know FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!! So many have lost their lives and my gratitude to ALL WHO ARE STILL SERVING TO KEEP US FREE!! emoticon I lost my brother in the Viet Nam war and I have a step son and nephew still serving. AND I KNOW THERE ARE COUNTLESS MORE!! GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT I LOVE, STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER!

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9/10/11 2:54 P

Thankyou for remembering the ones from 10 years ago and rememeber the ones fighting now and all those that support them all over the world

9/10/11 2:50 P

I agree. They are working hard and dying so we can enjoy freedom and life! I put my flag out for the 9/11 tragedy and the Men and Women that went to war 10 years ago because of it!

Thanks to all the Vets every where!


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9/10/11 2:29 P

Tomorrow it seems the whole world will be remembering the anniversary of 9/11 to honor those who were killed but no where in all of this do I see anything to honor and remember the vets that are still over there. Please, as a Vet that was in a war that everyone forgot about and forgot about us please remember those still fighting so we can have our freedoms emoticon

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