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8/26/10 10:18 P

Ha, looks like the majority of us are getting married in the same week!

CHRYSTALM0214 Posts: 499
8/26/10 9:48 P

you must be getting married close to when I am (11/6/10). I would love to lose 25lbs by then, but I am trying to just focus on toning and getting smaller size wise, and the scale will eventually follow.

8/25/10 8:08 A

I think it's absolutely doable, as long as you can be disciplined. As far as I recall, the 'healthy way' to lose weight keeps the rate at about one pound a week and what you're looking at is about 2 pounds a week, so I guess it'll be harder. On the other hand, it's a shorter time period so maybe you're will power will last?

Let us know how it goes!


JUSTME4868 Posts: 5
8/23/10 1:26 P

Thanks!! I am totally going to do one of those 30 day exercise programs! I totally forgot how good they are. I did this for 1 week in May and gave up. But felt results after just 7 days. 30 days should give me the push I need to stay on track!

PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (65,377)
Fitness Minutes: (41,575)
Posts: 6,379
8/23/10 1:13 P

I've got 77 days and rather than taking a "pounds lost" mentality, I'm focusing on toning. The other day, I tried on some pants that I wore when I was about 25-30 pounds lighter than I am now. They fit, albeit a little tight in the thigh (they are "skinny leg" pants).

I figured I may not reflect a great loss on the scale before my wedding, but I can certainly tone my muscles, define my shoulders, and work on shrinking fat and building muscle (they weigh the same, so if it's done consistently, you won't see much of a change on the scale).

Try the 30 Day Shred or 30 Day Slimdown (from Jillian Michaels) or, if you're feeling brave, delve into P90X, P90, or any of the Beach Body videos. Circuit training and strength training will help a lot!

Best of luck!

8/23/10 1:09 P

I have 75 days till my wedding and would also LOVE to lose 25lbs... I'm sure i'm over stretching but I think will honest effort and then the last min. nerves i might just be able to do it. Just need to get my eating under control oh yeah and step up the exercising... :)

Good luck !

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,673
8/23/10 1:04 P


But do the best you can.
Even a 5 or 10 pounds loss is good.

JUSTME4868 Posts: 5
8/23/10 12:41 P

Hi everyone! I am getting married in 74 days. Am I crazy to think I will be able to lose 25 pounds by my wedding?

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