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BIKERBABYZ Posts: 2,260
8/24/11 1:51 P

You are such an awesome sister!

I agree w/ the wedding undies!

Other things not said yet...
*A deck of cards & pair of dice b/c she is so lucky to have found her soulmate
*Something from your past... like if you always went somewhere on vacation together, a small memento from there to always remind her that you've always been there w/ her & always will be.
*Something that will make her laugh.. maybe something that will remind her of an inside joke ya'll have?
*Slippers... so she doesnt get cold feet
*a bouquet of her favorite flowers
*something handmade (probably not junk food though if she's watching her weight)
*if they are going on a honeymoon, luggage tags are always nice!

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8/23/11 10:34 A

Hmm...what would I like 6 weeks from now...

Cute underwear to wear to the wedding (because I'm sure I will not have thought of that)
A drink. Or several.
A massage.
Someone to clean my apartment
Pre-cooked dinners
Warm, fuzzy PJs.

I could go on forever.

7/14/11 10:18 A

I would also find small things that cater to her interests.
If it were me, I'd want Star Trek action figures (but again, that's me. :P)

Like if she's into gardening, maybe stop by Home Depot and get some seeds and a little bucket? Just put some thought into it, I'm sure she'll love it. :D

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7/6/11 12:10 P

Great idea. I agree with JULIABRU. Scented candles, maybe a picture frame with a picture of you two, or some lotions.

JULIABRU Posts: 20
6/27/11 12:35 P

What a wonderful idea! My suggestions would be scented candles, maybe a picture frame with a picture of you and her, or some spa items like those socks that keep your feet moisturized. Or you could give her cute, funny, random things to make her laugh and keep her smiling if she's stressed :)

SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
6/27/11 12:28 P

I would like to give some small gifts through out the week before my sister gets married. I am looking for some suggestions of what a bride would like. I was thinking one day a nice bath with mineral soaps and bath items, next day a mini shot glass of liquor to take the edge off.... ect... Send me your idea's...

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