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7/4/12 11:28 P

First, the 5k program is NOT an exact science. Many people repeat weeks because they want to feel that they have totally mastered a certain level. If that turns out to be you, fine. Repeat a week. This is not a sprint, it's a lifetime of healthy activity. There is no rush to be perfect.

Second, humidity and heat are serious factors. Just this year, marathons have been completely shut-down because of it. And this past April, here in Southern California, expert runners in the Ragnar Relay went from 6 minute miles to 9 minute miles because the heat was so brutal.

Look back to where you were on week 1. Are you better off now? Good. Then you are improving. Focus on that instead of the one bump in the road. You can totally do this!

ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
7/4/12 9:51 P

You can always go to the store to walk as well. I went to wally world today and walked from the food section to the far other side and back 3 times (on purpose, not because I forgot something! Got in lots of walking in a nice cool store :)

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7/3/12 10:03 A


You have NOT let yourself down because you had a difficult run this morning. You are not Wonder Woman ! LOTS of elite runners also have problems running in the excessive heat and humidity. You shouldn't be yourself up because of it. Do what other runners do when it's hot out, you run as early in the morning or at late at night as possible when the temperatures are cooler. If you have access to a gym, run on the treadmill.

If you do have to run outside when it's hot, SLOW DOWN. don't try to break any records or you'll end up miserable. Do bring extra water with you when you're outside. slow down your pace. Save all your energy for the 5K. Having an off day here or there because of the heat. You learn to listen to your body. walk when you need to walk. it's okay to do run/walking combinations.

Once again, you are not a slacker because you didn't run as race as you'd like. Like I said, the same thing happens to elite runners.

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7/2/12 11:20 P

Either run earlier in the day, or later at night. You can't fight the heat; it's not uncommon for our mileage to drop.

Just repeat your training until you feel up to it, and stay well hydrated in the heat. Take care of your body, and realize that we all have limits. Yours (and mine) is the heat.

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7/2/12 9:59 P

Started my 5th week in the 5k walk/jog program. I could only finish 1.86 mi tonight. The humidity was too much. I feel like like I have let myself down. This has been the first time I could not physically push through it. What do I do.

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