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3/29/12 11:16 P


Also, if you have any equipment questions at the gym, ask a trainer! I know most gyms rotate trainers around so there is always one trainer at the desk to answer questions. If you don't know how to use a machine, ask them and they usually will always help! It's better to ask so you don't hurt yourself! :)

3/29/12 2:22 P

Way to go taking that first step! I'm going to the gym tonight for the first time in forever and being around 327 myself I know how hard it is to get in there. But KUDOS to you for taking the first step!!!!!

Being somewhat of a beginner myself I don't have much to add in terms of help, but I did want to send encouragement and support :)

3/28/12 7:33 P

Congratulations for taking this first step. All the best in finding/creating an exercise program. Keep us up to date with your progress!

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3/28/12 6:03 P

Go Chris!!

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3/28/12 5:39 P

Thanks for all the reply's everyone. I didn't know about the workout generator, it looks helpful. I will also meet with the trainer one more time to discuss workout options and get her to write them down for me.


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3/28/12 2:12 P


You've gotten some great advice already if you have specific questions about exercise, please let us know. The site has some good resources that will help.

Coach Jen

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3/28/12 12:22 P

Using weights burns calories for 48 hours after you workout! You must eat lean protein to rebuild the muscle as you move forward. You can have steak, chicken, white pork, fish, eggs!
Sugar binds with the fat in your cells. It will not let go if you keep eating sugar. Sugar is not only the sweets, it's also the sugar in corn, potatatoes and white flour products. Withdrawing from sugar usually gives you a headache for a day or so. I was surprised I was addicted to it. We attach our emotions to the "feel good" we get from a sugar high. Overcoming sugar will melt your weight off FAST! If you can get in an indoor pool, you can move around better for longer periods of time until your body can really take more intense exercises. There are pool exercise helps too. No need to swim. That's not part of the plan. Only shoulders down water is needed. Sticking with exercise means have fun, so mix up the things you do. Like bowling? or walking at the park? Anything moving is helpful. And as you need smaller clothes you get so pumped about what it's doing for you and your future!! Be blessed! You can be your own personal trainer... emoticon

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3/28/12 10:27 A

Well, just to be clear, the muscle boosting your metabolism while not working out thing works for everyone... not just men. :) We ladies benefit from strength training as well!

3/28/12 8:43 A

congrats!!!!! be proud for making the first step!!!!

until you get comfortable, just try any of the equipment at your own rate. bike one day, walk the treadmill one day, stairs one day, row one day. do some stregth exercises. find what you like and you will stick with it.

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3/28/12 8:29 A

I agree with the suggestion to look at the workout generator here. Look at two or three of the workouts to get ideas of something simlar to what you did with the trainer. Also, asking her to write out the routine would be good, too, if she's willing to do it. Another option would be to look into a strength training class. Perhaps the trainer you worked with teaches one. You could ask ahead of time if it would be something you could do at your current fitness level or be too hard.

I also want to say congratulations on taking this step! I know it can be so daunting to start a training program, and sometimes the gym can be intimidating and overwhelming, so it's awesome that you dove right in!

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3/28/12 8:21 A

First of all, congrats on taking that huge step toward fitness! In addition to Zorbs' suggestion, perhaps the trainer who did the session with you would be willing to write down the routine you did the first time for you. That would be a good start for you while you research other resources. Maybe you could meet with a trainer just once a month or so to update your routine and check your progress?

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3/28/12 5:37 A

You can use the Spark workout generator to get a ST routine that you can print and take to the gym. Some use little to no equipment, like what you did with the trainer, and some use gym equipment, like cable machines and free weights.

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3/28/12 5:05 A

Hi Everyone,

I am 30 years old, almost 400 pounds, and I just signed up for a gym. The gym is affordable and they offered a personal trainer for one session to see if I wanted to signup for one. Although I'd love to signup, the trainer was extremely expensive so that's out of the question. However, she said something that made a lot of sense...for men, if you build muscle, your standing metabolism will go up and you will burn fat much faster so she recommended doing exercises that would burn fat and build muscle. She had me doing wall squats against a ball while holding a medicine ball, step ups while holding and lifting the medicine ball, inclined push-ups, etc. We used nearly none of the gym equipment.

I don't remember all the exercises and was wondering if someone could point me int he direction of a workout plan for an obese person like me that would build muscle and burn fat in the gym.

Thanks Everyone,
Chris Elliott

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