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Everything SCTK519 said. Also, at the last minute if you need to drop a few, take a bath in Epsom salts--drops 5 pounds, apparently. Cut out dairy and wheat in the weeks before your wedding to reduce bloating. You can do this thing!

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There could be a lot of things going on here. Maybe they took it in too much or if you've been doing any ST or toning that you're no longer doing that could make a difference. I'd keep watching everything you eat carefully and eat very clean. Are you wearing spanx or anything like that underneath? That could help. Why do you not want to let the dress out? You have 34 days left and say you still have to suck it, are you going to wish you had just done something that you know would actually help? Weddings are stressful enough and I think it would give some peace of mind knowing it will fit right on your wedding day.

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So, I'm getting married in 34 days! I went for my third wedding dress fitting and to my utter dismay i had to suck it all in to make it fit!
3 weeks ago everything fitted beautifully. What changed? I picked up 2kgs :( I'm so upset i just want to sit in a corner and cry.
Im back on a trusted eating plan, but really have to make sure i stay motivated and make the right choices - anyone got some foolproof ideas? I refuse to let the dress out so please don't suggest that. I just want to keep reminding myself that it is all still possible and need your support.
Im nearly there!

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