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7/7/12 9:54 A

thanks everyone for responding:) im done freaking out about it, just gonna eat right and cardio and hope for the best. I will be looking to purchase some spanx when i go to get the dress hemmed on Mondy. I really appreciate the input - it did calm my nerves!

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7/3/12 2:05 P

I agree with Dragonchilde.You still eed to be sensible.Theres o poit starving yourself silly and being unwell on the day. Try and plan out your meals and go to minimum calorie intake. Get a good pair of knickers/all i one and Good Luck

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7/3/12 10:34 A

Rachel, you don't need to starve yourself to get into your bridesmaid dress. All you need is a good foundation garment i.e. SPANX.

Jennifer Lopez wears SPANX for a little extra control. I'm going to be honest with you, there is no healthy way to take off five pounds from your hips. We can't spot reduce areas of our bodies we don't like. I wish we could, but we can't.

However, if the dress mostly fits, then get a good foundation garment to wear under the dress. Try the SPANX or even a Body Slimmer. You can find those at any Lady Grace or even Macy's. Could try Victoria's Secret. A good foundation undergarment can take off a good 2-4 inches. Yeah, you may be uncomfortable for a short period of time, but it will get you into that dress.

You could starve yourself, but once again, YOU don't get to decide where the weight comes off. Genetics makes that decision. You might lose off your boobs. That tends to be the first place women lose weight.

Also, let's say you are able to lose that five pounds in three weeks, what then ? Do you go back to your old eating habits ? If you do, you're going to regain that five pounds plus another five. Don't let that happen. For the next three weeks, you do your best to eat as HEALTHFULLY as possible. It's better to go into that wedding with the glow of good health instead of looking sickly because you've been depriving your body of food.

Trust me, go buy a good foundation undergarment. these are not your mother's girdles, but they do the same job.

In the meantime, eat healthfully and get some regular exercise between now and the wedding. If you lose five pounds, great. if you don't, everything will still be fine. Don't panic !!!! Stressing out won't solve anything. You need to be practical because the last thing you want to do is a fad diet or starve yourself.

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
7/3/12 9:49 A

if you find that magical plan, let me know...
sorry for sarcasm, but there is no ideal plan to lose those lbs

i'm 5'2" around 140 lbs so i know what you mean especially since i was hovering around 125 lbs at one point when i was fighting wt my ex and never ate enough .. anyway..

what you can do is: work out regularly and try to up the workouts; maybe 5 days a week and add interval training. drink your water and eliminate anything sugary and salty. so stick to water only and black coffee.

stay away from salty foods and anything that bloats you. eat as simple as possible.

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7/3/12 12:58 A

"I need a plan to lose like 5+ lbs in my behind. "

Not gonna happen in three weeks... the posters below have excellent advice.
I personally would go the alteration route....

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7/2/12 11:48 P

Unfortunately, even if you could lose some weight, it will most likely be from "all over" and not just your hips!

That said, if it were me, I would do the following:

Plan A: Alter the dress.

Plan B (if plan A is null): eat very clean; do NOT starve yourself least your body grab & hold onto every calorie. Low to no processed stuff, no junk, soda, etc. Low carb in general but DO eat a TON of veggies and fruits in addition to your proteins and healthy fats. Ditch all or most alcohol.

Repeat: do not severely restrict calories as it can backfire on you (tons of posts here echo that very thing). Eat at the mid to high range that Spark gives you but focus on quality of food and veggies, veggies, VEGGIES as well as water. Weight loss is at least 80% nutrition. Having said all THAT, I'd do cardio each day (run / jog / walk, etc), maybe a mile or two.

If you truly follow that, you could very well lose 5 lbs but there's no way of knowing 100% if you will. That's why you may just want to have it altered and/or go with the correct shaper.

Personally, back when I really *needed* FIRM control, I found Spanx too lightweight. They smoothed but didn't "suck it in" so much. If you want both attributes, I find the Miraclesuit Extra Firm w/ Thigh Control awesome. No leg line like w/ some shapers, even under a thinner weight dress fabric. Get your size or slightly smaller.

I found them online at Keep in mind the length of your dress, read the reviews of the other shapers & go from there. A quality shaper may cost as much as the alterations so you will have to weigh your options.

Good luck!!

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7/2/12 11:19 P

You have three weeks. There's no shortcut for this; trying to reduce to fit your dress is going to cause you more stress, and the only way to lose that kind of weight is unhealthy tactics.

Have the dress altered; generally, alterations aren't super expensive stuff. You are already on the low end of healthy, so I don't think you're going to be able to really do much to lose weight quickly. At most, you could lose .25 to .5 lbs per week and still be eating enough to keep yourself healthy.

Your clothes should fit you. You shouldn't be getting your body to fit the clothes.

There are a couple of things you can do.

1) The already suggested Spanx... you'd be surprised what body shapers can do for you.

2) Drink lots of water. This will help keep you hydrated.

3) Watch your sodium intake. too much sodium causes bloating from water retention.

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7/2/12 11:01 P

I've been doing Jillian Michaels DVDs for about 4 weeks, eating on-plan for weight loss, and have lost 1.5 inches off of my hips (and more off other areas too). Something to consider perhaps.

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7/2/12 10:17 P

you can spend the money to have it altered, or you could spend money for spanx.

7/2/12 9:48 P

OH MY. the wedding is in a few days shy of 3 weeks, my bridesmaids dress zips right up fine but is super snug around my hips and JLOesque butt. Im freeeeeaking out, I can hardly sit down in this dress and i have to walk kinda funny!!! The style is just not so much for my body type and Im worried I should have had it altered just a smidge but theres no way Im able to put any more $ into this wedding... HELP ME PLEASE! I need a plan to lose like 5+ lbs in my behind. Im 5'4 and 133/134 pounds today, and in the best shape i have ever been in but could really in the long run spare 10-15 pounds with my ultimate goal weight of 120. Last fall, I came down with some sort of cold virus thing and barely ate, slept all the time for a month and was down to 120... but im back to my normal 130s. Somebody tell me I will be able to fit this dress! I think I should have enough time to lose just enough to get it together... God willing anyway.

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